Day 3 Uplate

With Rove never finishing on time, Up Late starts at 11:40ish, and we, as per usual, start with the opening credits. Then, we are taken Mike in the studio, and someone is asleep on the Plasma TV. He says Ash and Merlin are talking, and also Aphro and Igor are chatting away. But straight into an up late update. That over with, we launch into the brain teasers for the first time tonight. But then into the action, where the vision is of people sleeping. Thought they were awake! It does look like everyone is asleep. Mike comes back on and says they were talking a minute ago! Merlin and Ashalea are sleeping very closely together. He starts talking about the website. They have had 2.46 Million impressions so far on the site. Exciting stuff! SuperDave in the truck is getting the website together so they can have a surf of it online. He says he hopes they have logged in tonight! At least he has a sense of humour. Can’t believe these housemates are still sleeping outside. Apparently today they got enough food for another week hahaha. Anyway, Mike is going to take the quiz on the OS. It involves underwear. Lovely! He gets one incorrect and gives up. He moves over to the website poll. He says it never works out to be correct, which is a load of rubbish, because Reggie had a huge popularity percentage for most of BB3.

Ashalea is sitting up in bed. Amazing. She is looking through her things for a…wait for it, a hair clip! Then puts the beanie on, plays with her hair for a few seconds and then lies back down in bed. No words are spoken to anyone. This Up Late is working so well for 10 at the moment.Oooah hello, Merlin is awake now, and they are whispering about something, can’t make it out. Ash asks if he’s tired, to which he says no, but then says ‘everyone else has gone to sleep.’ They get back in their sleeping position (very close to each other) and try to get back to sleep. OMG, Mike just takes a rumour posted to BBBA about Ashalea never taking off her makeup as his own knowledge and tells the world. He says her friend told her opening night. Yeh right, Mikey, we believe ya ;)

Mike craps on about nothing, the trivia and not much else for a little bit before we finally head to another up late update. Now he’s onto some emails. Not very exciting any of them. BBLIA gets a plug from someone, if anyone is interested. He sends us back to the house, so we watch the people sleep in silence for a couple of minutes. Gotta be an ad break soon surely. 2 minutes later Mike starts yelling at them. It doesn’t do any good whatsoever. Now brainteaser winner is Carina. She says it’s very entertaining tonight. She wins the $1000 with the answer of Merlin. Finally we get an ad break after being introduced to the second brainteaser.

Back with Mikey who gets the honour of telling BB to turn those outside lights out. It takes a few seconds to fade out, and then the infra red camera’s kick in. So, what else does Mike have to crap on about. Oooh, he’s going to show earlier vision from tonight. Excellent.

[Earlier] Paul is saying that Merlin is pretty tall. He’s only 5’8 though apparently! A bloody lot of people talking, we really need to get some of these people evicted. Ashalea is talking about her self defence stuff, and what she needed to do to get her black belt. Ryan says that skipping is really good to keep fit. LOL. Terri is saying that something is on the floor inside. Paul says he doesn’t care what it is. All he says is that he knows that BB is up to no good. Krystal says that the Lava Lamp inside is on, and is laughing at us. Aphro says did they actually lock the house. Trevor says he locked it on the way. Krystal says “So we could open it. If we wanted to rebel, we could open it?” Bree tells her the note said to not attempt to re enter the house. She’s a smart cookie! Aphro asks what is wrong with Krystal. She says that she wants to march into the diary room and tell BB to damn well let us in. Krystal says she feels rejected by BB at the moment, and then she says she feels neglected by him. Make up your mind! Aphro isn’t rejected by him, she says it could be soo much worse. Aphro says that you can tell in his voice that he’s feeling for the housemates (referring to BB.) Krystal says that it’s about time to let them back in. She says ‘we did this last night’ so it’s getting boring. [End of Earlier] Mike cuts in, and so it pauses there, and then he throws to the brainteaser. Comm break. It’s just after 12:25am

Back at 12:32am with Mikey in the studio. He runs through brain teaser once more. Now, another uplate update from the 7pm show. This is the third one. Ah, seeing I haven’t seen the daily show it helps me out. Now, onto the new technology with 3. Exciting…Back to the house live…still nothing happening at all. Everyone asleep. C’mon, cut back to earlier footage. Please….Mike comes back 5 minutes later, and then cuts to a comm break.

At 12:45, 1 hour in, we are back. Darren from Qld is the winner for the second brainteaser. Well he will be when he gives the answer. And yes, he does. He gets the $1000, and Mike sends us to earlier footage.[Earlier] Aphro says to Igor “You dropped your guts didn’t ya?” Krystal and Aphro are still talking about being locked outside. They say if it’s a week, so be it. Igor says they will have to be inside for nominations early next week. Good point that. Krystal and Kane make some noise by slapping the table. Kane asks BB to chuck on a couple of tunes for them. Yeh no worries Kane, just a sec buddy. And then it’s paused.[End of Earlier]

Mike cuts in and runs through the third brain teaser for the night. Very easy one, it’s Ryan. Mike tell us that he might have a special guest for Mon Tues and Wed next week….Back to earlier though now. [Earlier] Krystal is complaining about not having any toiletries with her. Kane says not to worry, you gotta live through it. One minute into the earlier footage and we have a comm break. :( [End of earlier]

Back at 12:58, Mike runs through a few emails that have come through. Just a heap of shoutouts. Moves onto the brain teaser again, and give the clue. Back to Earlier footage now:

Aphro, Trevor and Kane are talking about a guy called Jimmy, who they think is a dickhead. They’ve met him through BB obviously, and they don’t like him or something. They are saying that he’ll be at the finale and they will all call him a dickhead while they are on stage. Mike tells us that there is better stuff later, so they will fast forward through a bit. Mike reads some emails then tells us that next week’s guest will be Sara Marie will be on Up Late for the first three days next week. It’s all advertising though, she’s doing it for those nicotene patches. Now, back to the action we head. Trevor, Kane and Elle are talking while getting themselves a drink. They are talking about the Krystal-Elle ‘hump’ last night. Elle says she got out of it very quickly when she realised what Krystal was doing. Before one minute has gone, it’s another damn commercial break.

It is 1:11am at the moment. Brain teaser time, it’s Brett in Queensland who gets it this time round. He gets the cash, and the phone call lasts for a couple of minutes. Brain teaser #4 is now underway, the last for the evening. Just realised they haven’t replayed any of these updates just yet, which is good. They had 3 updates last night, and played all of them twice.

Back to live footage for a second, before we are taken back to earlier events. Terri is complaining about her sunburn. Bree and Paul listen to her. Talk moves onto what BB has said to them in the diary room. Terri says all he has said to her is “Is that all?” Trevor is talking Elle into going into the diary room so they can get answers to a few questions regarding toilet paper etc. They start saying that they shouldn’t use a roll each time they go. Kane or someone yells out “Yeh, c’mon Aphro” Funny stuff. Elle has wimped going into BB, instead preferring to get her hot water billie or some rubbish. Mike cuts in, gives us a clue for the final brain teaser of the night, before cutting to a break.

Mike is back, and it’s 1:25am. Only 20 minutes or so to go. He forgot to give the clue for the brain teaser, so he does it now. Ok, so now we go and check on the live action for a sec, same old stuff there, so we jump into earlier action. No actually, Mike appears bottom left of the screen, and says that Merlin should fall in love with Ashalea. He says we should all send positive vibes their way. More emails now, not action from earlier. That lasts for a few minutes, before we do get that earlier footage. Aphro asks Kane to go away so she can talk to Elle alone. Elle starts crying for some unknown reason now. They are trying to talk each other up now. Dunno what happened before though. She says she doesn’t want people to ask Krystal for a strip show. She doesn’t feel comfortable when they all talk like that (Elle this is). They both say that they respect that it’s only a job for her. Elle is saying that Krystal doesn’t need the guys mocking her about her job. Elle says that she and Trev got up and left the group last night when Krystal was asked about the stripping constantly cause they don’t need to her that crap. Elle says that she couldn’t discuss those kind of things with the whole group cause she doesn’t have the same connection with everyone. She would rather have 1 on 1’s than a group conversation. Aphro somehow changes the subject, saying that Igor said he had sex 12 times in one night, but not many people believed him. Aphro believes him because she has done it 9 times in the one night, but she felt very sick after it. Comm break cuts in at the perfect time.

Mike is back again at 1:38am, so this will be the last segment for the night. The brain teaser game is closed. But before they play the game, they go back to the convo between Elle and Aphro. They get up because the water has boiled or something and Elle wants a coffee. Trevor burnt his finger. Ah the guy is a legend. He gets Elle’s cup of coffee, and checks she’s alright before he heads away. Trev has his finger to his ear, and it looks like he’s talking on a mobile. Quite funny. Trev is gonna have some CoCo Pops before he goes to bed. Elle makes herself some jam on bread. Trev and Elle are sitting down talking. He talks about his girlfriend outside. He calls her all kind of names. He then goes onto the story of how they met, or hooked up. Nothing happened for the first few nights, there is a 9 year gap in their relationship. He was 26 at the time, she was 17. He asked her out over the phone. It tooks a few months to get to the ‘kissing and stuff like that’ stage, LOL.

Mike cuts in for the final time I think, and they still have to give Patrick a $1000. he wins the money, then tells us that they have some suprises in store for tomorrow night. Mike says goodnight, Dreamworld says goodnight and the show is over.

Where’s Warren?

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