Day 2 Uplate

Just before we start, this is Live Updates from the house. Monday night is Day 2. Meanwhile the evening show shown earlier tonight was footage from Sunday in the house, and thus called Day 1. So in future, all the Up Late updates will be one day ahead of the Daily Show updates. Anyway, on with the show!

We get the full BB opening credits for Up Late this year – last year it was a shortened version. Anyway, we join the house where a few people are talking. Quickly taken away from the vision to Mikey G who is in a nice red studio and has a plasma screen next to him! He tells us what is planned for Up Late this year, including extra cash, before launching into the up late update. Apparently (although I have yet to watch it) it was shown during the daily show, so I’m going to skip recapping that. Mike tells us that Terri earlier in the evening admitted to having a foursome.

Without further ado, we are sent into the BB house where it looks like everyone is still up and active. It looks a lot busier in the house than it did when we first joined up late, so it should be an interesting night. We join and Krystal is talking about how she’s an exotic dancer. Actually she is talking about everything the other housemates have found out about her today. She also says they have found out that she likes the bottle a bit! She then says that Australia also saw her humping Elle. All in just one day. Good work Krystal! Ryan quickly tells her that Elle will never be the same again. Elle is listening to this conversation as well, so Krystal tells her that she thinks she should hump Krystal back. Elle decides perhaps wisely, to pass the opportunity. “She only likes to receive. Not a giver” Krystal fires back! She continues talking to Paul and says it’s a lot to take in for the public in just one night, so she will pull back now and try to give someone else the spotlight. She says “Tomorrow I will just try to keep….” and someone, Kane I think, yells out “Quiet!”. That was good. Yeh it was Kane. Now too many convo’s going on at once, can’t understand a word. Krystal then starts telling Kane that it’s been a big night for her. Here we go again. Wisely, we cut to a Trevor, Wesley, Merlin, Bree and Aphro conversation. Aphro tells everyone she hasn’t done a chick yet. Bree says she has done several. Aphro can’t believe she hasn’t! Bree blurts out to Trevor that he has just earnt himself a nomination. Poor guy was just standing there. Everyone tells her to shush up I think, and she quickly says loudly that it was just a joke. That breaks up the conversation, Aphro saying that everyone should go to bed. Bree decides it’s time to use the Port A Loo. Merlin is just walking around, but we cut away from him quickly. Terri and Aphro discuss what day it is. Terri says it’s Day 3 tomorrow. Aphro says she feels like she is starting to bloat. She doesn’t really want to use the Port-A-Loo. She says “Cause right now I feel like I’m really full of shit.” Lovely. Bree is out of the toilet and is getting her pajama’s on.

Bree is getting ready to do the splits, but Terri tells everyone that she is going to do it, and thus, gets stagefright! Ryan comes and tell Krystal to go to bed and stop bugging the boys. She seems very drunk. She says she has to go to the toilet before heading to bed. Then Mike comes back and gives a clue (Answer is Uplate). He also goes onto say they have an email address this year: [email protected] He then says that it’s time for another UpLate Update! Again, it’s already screened, so we’ll skip past this. Back to Mike, who sends us back to the house.

LOL. They are talking about all 14 of them getting a disease and the show has to stop. Wesley says that ‘Seinfield’ will be back on at 7pm quicker than anyone can say anything. Lovely, they are talking about making sure everyone uses toilet paper properly and making sure it’s all gone from you know where. Kane is really into this conversation, that says a lot about him yeh? Everyone seems to be ready for bed, a lot of peeps lying down but not yet asleep. Aphro is saying to someone what did his last slave die of. Ashalea wants to sleep inbetween Merlin and Aphro….oooh love in the BB house, isn’t it sweet! Is it Melvin or Merlin? Weird, they seem to be calling him Melvin. Anyway, moving on. Aphro and Igor are having an argument, and quick crys from the others say ‘The husband and wife are having troubles!’ Now Aphro and Ashalea are moving her bed so she can be close to Merlin. Ashalea says she is now inbetween the two hottest people in the house. Mike comes through again, and says there is 4 games of Trivia tonight. Denny is the first to win anyway. I dunno about her name. She is from Victoria. Maybe Jenny. I don’t know! She doesn’t know what she’ll do with the cash. Her fave is Ryan at the moment. Next brainteaser is alive now. He tells everyone what they might do when the HM’s go to sleep, but before all that, we have a commercial break :)

Back with Uplate now, and Mike shows up again, or as I like to call him “Trivia Dude!”. Back to the house though. Catherine is saying out loud that Ashalea moved her bed. Bree and Kystal are talking standing up. They say goodnight to Aphro. Krystal does seem a bit drunk, but anyway. She moves on and gives Wesley a hug. SHe’s had a hard day she says. She says that Kane is such a shit stirrer. She says she’ll see him tomorrow, and Wesley says “I’ll be here.” She then heads to bed and says someone has been using her sleeping bag because it’s unzips. But now she’s not so sure. She says goodnight to Elle, then Paul (what the heck is there only one person in this house. The camera’s just follow her!), then Ryan, who she calls a prick under her breathe. But I think it’s all in good fun. Kane is shit stirring her again, trying to work her up. She takes her mic off, and they all say “Goodnight Australia.” Mike cuts in at this stage, and takes us into another update from the 7pm show. Again, no recapping. End of update, hehe, it was one with a bit of bitching! Back onto Mike who goes through the trivia, or brain teaser, as they like to call it. The word is Igor. So hard this comp, as it is every year. But only NT, SA and WA can’t play this year, which is an improvment. Comm Break.

Back again. But only to Mike…He goes through an email they just received. It’s someone wanted to wish someone a happy birthday. Thats a great start….Anyway, time for Trivia number 2. I think…no maybe just a reminder. LOL he says that this show is boring when the housemates are asleep. At least he’s funny people. No it’s just the clue again. More money have to go into the coffers before they give the $ away. Now, back to the house. Kane is taking off Johny Howard. They don’t seem to like poor John. Aphro says that BB has been very quiet tonight. They laugh that all the camera’s have gone home. Igor hit’s the nail on the head and says it would be funny if they were on TV at this moment. Silence desends over the bunch, except for Igor’s end of the sleeping bags. Aphro says she is wrapped not to be married to Igor. Weird stuff! LOL Ashalea is trying to talk to Merlin, but he wants to sleep. Poor Ashalea. Silence again. Ashalea is facing Merlin, dunno if she is starring at him, or if she is trying to sleep. Igor suddenly says their are carrots in the fridge. I dunno, but they are all laughing, but it’s not really that funny to me. Ohhh I get it now. They were talking about a 4 carot diamond ring. Not carrots as in eatable items. Thats why there were laughing. Aphro tells Igor to stop kicking her bed. Mike cuts in and says stop calling, but quickly back to the action. Aphro complains about so many lights being on. She then says that BB gave them a quick look at the house, but then ordered them to live outside, because they needed to finish it off. She misses the house. Igor misses his mattress. He’s going to root it when he gets home. He is a strange strange guy everyone. Music comes back on, and they have a winner on the line, and it’s Vanessa. She sounds half asleep. She gets ready to correctly answer the question, but a promo jumps onto the screen, and we have a comm break. Awesome start to Up Late people LOL. Cut to an ad in the middle of a conversation.

Back with Mike, who apologises for the inconvience. Someone feel on the wrong button. Back to Vanessa anyway. He asks her what she’s wearing. It must be really intersting in the house! She gets it right anyway. She gave up smoking today as well. Her fave housemate is Ryan too. Anyway, trivia #3 gets underway. Back to the house, Igor still talking away. Talking to Aphro again. Igor asks for BB to turn the lights off again. Aphro’s feet are finally cold. Ryan is sitting up in his sleeping bag. Paul ajusts his bed and then lies back down. Kane is asleep and has his teddy bear with him. Ryan lies down again. Igor wakes Wesley up cause he needs something for his eyes. Am eye mask actually. Aphro wants Igor to cover him back up again. Aphro says that after today they are no longer friends (talking to Igor.) She says don’t wake up tomorrow and say “Morning Gorgeous!’. Mike cuts back in. Runs though the trivia again, then cuts to a comm break.

Back again with Mike, who has audio probs for a second, but now it’s all good again. Another email now to read out now. Another person wanting to send a cheerio to someone again. Heaps more shout outs now. He then says it’s time for the 4th brainteaser, alas it’s not, it’s the third one. He corrects himself soon enough. Clue given again, and away we go back to the house for another few minutes. Silence. Utter silence. It’s beautiful. Back with Mikey again cause it’s so boring. Lasted just after an hour tonight. Not too bad for a start. After a bit of talk, it’s back to the house for us, and Ryan is up walking around I think. Although the cam’s aren’t on him. Now he’s back in bed. Geez it’s exciting! Paul is awake too and they notice that Merlin and Ashalea are talking down the end. Ryan starts picking his nose. Back with Mikey in the studio now. He has more emails to read. Someone saying to fix the internet feeds. hehe. Now, onto the trivia, Amaul is on the phone. That’s not how to spell it, but I’m not worried at the moment! She wins the $1000. Quickly cuts away from that to a comm break.

Back again at 1am or so. He goes through the final brainteaser of the night, and then he gets out his computer and shows us the OS. He’s on the front page of the site, so he plugs his own article, tells us that the streaming is free this year, then tries to click an underpants photo, but they didn’t login, so they can’t access the article. Funny stuff! Now they are totally stuffed, got errors coming up galore. Trevor and Ryan seem to be the most popular at the moment. Go Trev! Anyway, off to the house again. All you can hear are the insects buzzing away outside. Everyone is in their beds, either asleep, or trying to get to sleep. No one is whispering at all. Back with Mike after a few more minutes. He’s going to show clips from the 7pm show again. It’s the same as just an hour ago in this very same show. Hmmmmm….what happened to going to vision from earlier in the evening and acting as if it was live! There was one funny bit in the clip package though when Ryan said that he wanted to go after this girl once she got out of the toilet, so he waits by the door, and then when she appears all he can think to say is “How did you go?” LOL that is gold stuff! Mike tells us that they are saving the nudie bits for Uncut, but in the future weeks they will show nudity if it appears. (They blurred it out during the clip package.) More email shoutouts now. Cut to a comm break.

Back again, and there is still half an hour to go in this show. Woohoo, i’m excited. Anyway, back to emails. Or sleepmails as they are going to call them from now. Mike reckons the show is going along ‘really crap’ tonight. Mike moves on, to goes through the trivia and gives us a clue to keep us in suspense. The answer is Kane. Now time for another update. Yep, it’s the second time they’ve shown this clip too in the space of 90 minutes. Back with Mike again, who just tells us to tune into all the shows. More emails though now. LOL, these emails are funny. They are praising Mike, and he has to read them. He says he’ll be replying individually to the good one! Game 4 is now closed, so no more cash on offer. They will give the $1000 away after the break.

Maybe this will be the last segment? You can only wish! Nah, nothing agaist the show, but I had forgotten how boring it is when everyone is asleep. Oh well. However, Mike joins us again and we have a quick look at the housemates sleeping away. Back to more emails again. They move onto the final winner for the night, who is Adam. Adam correctly answers the question. Wow, they have turned off some lights for the housemates. Adam thinks Ryan will win too. End of the phone call, and so they decide to run another uplate update for those that missed the 7pm show. Again, it’s the 2nd time they have run it. Back to Mike after that. Again gives a plug for the 7pm show tomorrow, because it’s going to be in Mike’s words, a ‘ripsnorter.’ Mike says his goodbye’s now, but then decides he’ll read a few emails before he heads off. Just more shoutouts really, nothing exciting at all. BB Uncut show will be on Wednesday’s he says before they run end credits (wow they have end credits), and Dreamworld says goodnight.

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