The finale

Evening all to what should be a magnificent evening. Neighbours credits are rolling, and we’re ready to commence the last BB for 2003.

And we’re away. Credits first as per normal, live crowd heard in background though. Shots of the crowd, before Mike welcomes us to the final eviction, then introduces Gretel, who has her hair down and looks stunning. White Pants and a sequence type white top. Gretel has a story to tell the audience, who seems to have Reggie and Chrissie cardboard cut outs of their faces. Anyway, she tells the story of BB2003, from the beginning, until there were only two girls left. Tonight we choose the queen of BB Land. Will it be Chrissie? Or Reggie? Slightly bigger yell for Reggie. SMS lines have shut, but the phone lines are still open, leading Gretel into calling them out.

Now, the nation was in shock when Daniel went last night, leaving two girls to fight it out. Gretel crosses to the house now! They are just laughing away sitting on the couch. Gretel asks them why they are nervous. Chrissie is nervous because they don’t know what is going on. Reggie says that she should get the rest of the M&M’s given to her as a present. Gretel suggests giving them to charity. Chrissie says it felt like Christmas eve last night, it dragged on so long. Gretel will be crossing back to them later. Now it’s time to catch up on what has happened in the last 24 hours.

After Dan’s eviction, the girls have a drink outside, and the girls are in total shock. Chrissie tells Reg that she is going to win, and Reg can’t get her head around that. Onto Dan’s video message. He gets through Reggie’s message OK, but when it comes to Chrissie, it brings him to tears.

Into the morning, Chrissie is up early cause she can’t sleep. They say in a few hours they will both be outside. Chrissie went back to bed in the morning, as did Reggie this afternoon. Back to the stage we travel. Gretel says that it is the first time in the world where two girls are in the final ’round.’ Back after the break with the 14 other housemates!

Back again with baby photo’s of all the housemates. Lots of “ooh’s” in the audience. Now, Gretel is back and it’s time to run through the phone numbers again. Now, all 14 housemates enter the stage. Jo has a ridiculous mini skirt on! They all head up to the couch. First to Dan, who is feeling pretty good. He had only a couple of hours sleep. He is ready for tonight. Now they are going to have clip packages intertwined with questions. The first package is of Irena, Jaime and Carlo. Irena has had an amazing time since coming out, and has met so many wonderful people. Jaime has had an awesome time, and encourages anyone to try out. Carlo is great, and is still with Tracy. Next clip package is of Leah, Belinda, Ben and Claire. Back to the couch, Leah’s hair looks shocking, and she is having fun as a blonde. Belinda is looking forward to going back to the salon and work. Ben had fun down in Tassie last night, and Claire is so excited seeing everyone again. Cut to a comm break, the rest will be introduced after the break. Creeping up on closing time for the phone lines as well, 7:25pm.

Secret Life of Us ad before we return to BB. Gretel is still on the couch, giving the phone numbers for the final time. Now back to the other housemates. The next clip package is of Jo, Saxon, Kim and Jamie. Lines have shut, so not far away from the announcement. Now, back to Jo. Jo is with Tim, and very happy. Kim does look great tonight! She is still with Richard, and is moving! Now Saxon, who is single. He is just having fun at the moment. Onto Jamie, he hasn’t fallen in love yet. Now onto the clip package fro Vincent, Patrick and Daniel. Vincent is still with Danielle (GF), and is having a crazy time! Patrick has also had a crazy week, and he is loving it. Now Daniel, who gets a massive cheer, where they talk about how he has only met some of these people for the first time tonight. Cross to the house for BB to do his announcement. “There will be a final eviction very soon.” Reggie goes all excited, and they try to go back to their conversation, but she is far too worked up now. Chrissie looks quite relaxed actually!

Back with clip package of evicted housemates walking down the audience. Gretel is still on the couch, and is now with the loved ones. Chrissie’s sister and Mum, and Reggie’s sister and Adrian. Liz was in the audience last night, and was so nervous. She never expected her to last till the end. She says she is popular out of the house though too. Onto Anita, who also thought she would not make it this far. Adrian looks like a nervous wreck! Chrissie’s mum is close to tears! She has enjoyed the time, has become an addict of the show. She doesn’t know what she is going to do now BB is over. Onto Adrian, who gets a cheer, who says Reggie doesn’t hold anything back. He is used to her though. He says that everything Reggie has said to do with the shop he knew about. He has never felt like he would lose her though. Now, I think the time has come. Here we go, we cross to the house. She gets the envelope, says hello to the housemates, Reggie is crying away, they are holding hands. Gretel says good luck. The winner of BB2003 is Reggie. She just cries, and they have a long hug on the couch. Chrissie seems so happy for her. Gretel says it’s time to go, Chrissie. The countdown starts, and they make their way outside. Across the pool, and one last hug, Chrissie is gone, and Reg is left alone. A bit different tonight outside for Chrissie. Chrissie gets into a nice car, I think it is going to be hers, but before she does she says hello to the security guard, and says they all love her! Comm break.

Back at the compound we are, the new car pulls up, and Gretel welcomes Chrissie. She is stunned at the crowd! Gretel tells us that the car is hers, she says “Get Out!” She gets to walk the eviction walk now. She just keeps saying “oh my god” all the way down! She lets her baby hands be touched by a special few, and before long she is greeted by Gretel once more on stage. “This is all crazy!” The audience chant “Chrissie”. She takes a photo of Chrissie and the audience, then gives her the phone. She loves it, she says “I love free stuff!” Now, she thought she would go sometime in the first few weeks. She says she was happy to get in. Cut to clip of “Sister Chrissie.” She laughs as she watches. Now, cut to “Evil Chrissie!” Chrissie loved watching that! She says she isn’t normally like that though! Gretel reminds her that she was the only one to stand up to Ben. They cross to Reggie. LOL, as they cut to the break, Chrissie is having the time of her life talking to the audience, and they when she realises that they are still showing a clip, she says “oooh, thats me!”

Back to a clip of “Laughing Chrissie!” She shows her legacy items, slippers and her nightie. Her charity is Brotherhood of St Lawrence Breakfast Club, where she volunteers every Monday morning. How nice is this girl :) Another present for Chrissie now, for the OS, she gets a signed first edition of her favourite book. She is really really pleased with that. Gretel tells her to put it down after a while! She says she loved the whole experience, she loved living with the boys. Cut to a clip of her friendships in the house! Straight to another clip package. More prezzies time! The Mastercard, the holiday and the PS2. And the DVD, almost forgot! Now, back to the house, BB says ” Regina, you will be leaving in just a few minutes.” LOL, she says “Haha, your funny Mr Big! Just hurry up would you.” Ah, she is a classic our Reggie :) Now, back with Gretel who goes through the best dressed competition. The envelope arrives, and the winner of the Plasma screen is Reggie’s fish and chips! Cut to a break, but Reggie is coming out straight after it.

Here we go, Reggie saying “Come on, come on. Hurry up!” Gretel comes into the house! She says “You little champ!” She starts crying again (Reggie!) Leah screams over the fence one last time for them to get out! Poor Reggie is a nervous wreck. Fireworks and they are out of the house! LOL, there is Irena, who she has never met! LOL. Now Jaime, who she never met. Carlo now, and then Leah. She finally knows someone. Long hug to Belinda! Fat Bobby!!!!! She is balling now, poor girl. As they go down, they have people dressed in the different tasks they did which is a good addition to the walk this year. She greets Claire, and then Jo. Huge hug for her. Kimareee!!! Next is Saxon, who says a few nice things to Reg. Jamie is next to greet her. Vincent is next. Reggie is just laughing and crying all the way through. It was better when Ben and Pete who really seemed overjoyed at seeing everyone again. Reg just seems to upset. Anyway, onto Patrick, big hug for Pat. There’s Dan, huge hug for him! Over the bridge they go, and then Chrissie appears. Chrissie hasn’t seen any of the housemates either, so she is hugging everyone too! They stop just outside for a comm break, just before they let her enter the compound.

Back again! The crowd screaming Reggie, and here she comes! All by herself, in the end where the eviction van normally rolls up. She is talking to herself throughout it all! All the evicted housemates are up the stairs where Gretel usually comes out from. She finally gets down to the stage, and is greeted by Gretel. They sit down on the couch, and she gets the phone. Now, Gretel says she won $250,000 to which Reggie says “I thought it would be a Playstation!” LOL. When Gretel tells her she gets the Playstation, she seems even more excited! LOL, Gretel tells us that they are going to show a few clips now, so she gives her a huge bowl of M&M’s. First clip package of our winner. Back after that to Gretel, who cuts to a break. She too realises half way through they are showing a clip package on the way too a break!

Back again on the home stretch. She has her skirt for her charity item. Gretel tells us all that we can bid for her items. Now, another present, she gets a home gym, but they don’t bring it on stage. Cut to another clip of Reggie. Voting is 28% for Reggie, 72% for Chrissie. Now, another clip package. Now, the hard questions. She says she is happier than when she went in. Onto the 10 questions. Hardest thing was nominating. Missed Campell and Adrian the most. She loved everyone, she didn’t have a least fave. Most annoying habit was her farting, funniest was no answer, laziest was Ben, greatest regret was she didn’t have one. Now, here comes Adrian. LOL, Reg says “New shirt!” New watch too! Adrian says he is happy and proud, and Reg just says it’s weird seeing him! After the break, everyone comes on stage for the final time.

Back to the show, and a replay of the announcement. Everyone is on the couch. Clip package of everything now. Reg says she can’t think clearly! Credits start rolling. Reg says she never thought she would win. Reg says the watch of Adrian’s was dear! First thing she wants to do is have a scotch. Gretel thanks everyone, Carlo starts eating the M&M’s in the meantime, Gretel thanks the audience, thanks everyone at home, everyone behind the scenes, then tells us that next Monday at 7:30pm a program called “Reggie Rules.” Gretel says goodbye, the housemates get up to greet the audience, and BB ends for another year.

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