Day 14

Jo and Ben are warned about their suspicious behaviour in the diary room. They are not given a strike.

In the square house Carlo, Irena and Saxon are all given a strike. Irena says ‘fine’ and Saxon says BB’s ‘decision is final’. Big Brother asks them if that’s all they’re gonna say. There is a cut in the footage. Irena is suddenly becoming heated with Big Brother about the situation, and the show producers are not saying anything that would resolve the situation. He is clearly provoking her. Irena’s temper flares and she raspberries Big Brother while he talks, the conversation ends with Irena laughing.

Later Irena goes to the toilet to be by herself. She is upset about her confrontation with Big Brother. She then goes to lie in her bed and says there is nowhere in the house to have a tantrum. Carlo and Belinda both comfort her. Irena says she feels lonely in the house.

11:41pm – The round housemates are talking about nominations. Patrick is optimistic and says it’s possible neither Leah or Ben will be evicted, but Ben is positive he’s going to go.

In the square house Belinda is lying in bed looking at photos of her loved ones. Gretel is back and her hair is still being picked at. Perhaps she needs to have her hair prepared for 30 minutes otherwise it looks skanky. She then promises even more surprises (like I haven’t heard that before). Gretel then goes through the new bathroom which is situated between the two bedrooms. Then she goes through the new kitchen which is at the other end of the house. It has a dining room attached with a fireplace.

Gretel is still having her hair done. She then crosses live to the houses where Big Brother announces there are 60 minutes until evictions. Regina says Big Brother sounds cranky.

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