Day 15

10:03am – It’s Jo’s birthday today, and Regina is waking Jo up with some breakfast in bed. Chrissie wishes her happy birthday too.

10:57am – Irena is still annoyed about her fight last night with Vincent about all the sex talk coming from the boys. She is annoyed Vincent called her a feminist. Saxon joins the table and Irena fills him in on what happened last night.

12:19pm – Jo is back in bed on her birthday. It’s also mothers day so she won’t see her mum either. ALSO Jo is nominated and could leave tonight. Jo is a little upset but is comforted by Regina and Chrissie.

Carlo has joined in Irena’s argument, infuriating Irena. She tells Carlo off while waving to a helicopter passing over the compound. Carlo feels for the other boys in the house after being “told off” by Irena. Irena is surprised that three men need to be protected from her discussion. Carlo is shaving. Irena explains that Vincent’s objectifying of women which will be relayed by the media can lead to young women to do extreme things to their bodies. Belinda gets annoyed at the same time because Carlo won’t hear her input into the situation. Meanwhile Irena tries to make up the fight by apologising for her half of things, but Carlo won’t accept it – further infuriating Irena.

1:27pm – Jo has been called to the diary room, while the round housemates organise a surprise birthday party. They blow up balloons and have lots of sweets and cola. When Jo emerges the housemates all cheer and Jo is full of smiles. She gives everyone a hug to say thanks. Over the cake they all sing happy birthday.

4:50pm – The square housemates are getting ready for the upcoming eviction. While changing, Carlo slaps Irena’s bum. She says believe it or not women mostly don’t like that. She adds that they don’t not like it, it’s just men don’t realise their own strength. We learn that Irena’s bum is tight and will ricochet anything that hits it.

7:00pm – Leah is bored and wonders what they are supposed to do before the eviction. Regina tells her to just keep waiting (while calling her Lara?). Ben is outside looking up at the sky. Regina joins him and says “bye bye Benny boy”, laughing. Ben is counting down – 56 minutes to go. The two of them can hear the eviction show crowd, and call Jo to come and listen.

Later it’s time to go… Irena. Everyone says goodbye and Belinda asks her to say hi to Richard. Saxon says “fucking hell” and looks upset. Belinda is silent a little shocked. Saxon feels guity over the eviction.

Back in the round house Leah wonders whats going on and asks if they can move. Everyone is a little confused and in suspense. Chrissie says it’s crazy.

Sleeping arrangements are being discussed for the square house. They notice Irena has left her hand fan, so they put it up on the wall as an eviction shrine. Belinda says it looks really good.

8:24pm – Round house. This is Big Brother: there will be no eviction in this house this week. Jo is happy and claps her hands. Leah is silently relieved. Regina keeps saying “that is so good”. Jo comments they are the good house, and Leah was convinced she was leaving. Ben and Jo have a chat – Ben was fully prepared to leave the house, and now its weird not going.

Carlo is comforting Saxon over the eviction. Saxon comments she was never ever fake, and they both agree it was an injustice because now they have no mediator in the house. Saxon predicts him, Carlo and Claire will become a group. Carlo says that if Belinda leaves the rest of the square housemates will slot in nicely. Carlo says Belinda thrives off attention from him and Saxon, so they shouldn’t give her any.

8:48pm – Leah is still amazed she wasn’t evicted – she must have a fan following. Ben says “yeah there must be a lot of (censored) out there”. Leah asks why he has to be so rude but he says she was asking for it. “Why the fuck would I be asking for it I said something nice”. Ben apologises. “Good, fuckhead”. Regina and Chrissie tells Leah you shouldn’t do that. Daniel puts on a mother’s voice: “now kiddies, be nice”.

11:16pm – Claire has gone to bed, and to blow on her harmonica for a bit. Outside Belinda wants to patch things up with the boys. She apologises to Carlo about their earlier tiff. Saxon sprays her with the hose, so Belinda grabs the other hose and they start to have a water fight, resulting in Saxon running inside “she’s attacking, she’s on an attacking front!”. Saxon takes his clothes off and uses a chair as a shield. They both end up soaking wet.

1:31am – Round housemates are in bed, saying goodnight. Regina jokingly says to Ben “God I was hoping I’d never have to wake up to your face again”. Leah says there are times when she wants to throw a pillow at Benjamina’s head because of the snoring. He’s lucky she hasn’t so far because she has high intolerance for that kind of stuff. Before going to sleep Ben says “good to be back”.

2:33am – The square housemates are still up. Belinda will be turning 21 next year and wants Carlo and Tracey (his girlfriend) to be at the party. Carlo gives a reluctant RSVP.

In the bedroom Vincent and Claire are chatting. Claire doesn’t want to go out because she feels worthless around the other square housemates. Vincent says “that’s alright we’re just talking shit… there’s no intellectual content whatsoever”. Claire is finding it hard to converse with Belinda, and Vincent understands – she’s on her own and is a bit intimidated by the guys because there’s a streak of sexual frustration (according to Vincent). Vincent elaborates: she’s getting to know Saxon well but holds back, and she sees some of her boyfriend in Carlo, and so gets frustrated with him.

Back in the living room there is still talk of her party – Belinda jokes about Carlo coming to the party and being the MC.

Claire worries she can’t be polite around Belinda. Vincent says its no big deal – just be yourself.

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