Day 16

We were told that tonight four housemates would swap over to the other Big Brother house, so tonight we had an hour long special. It was introduced by Gretel who recaped what Big Brother had planned. She also addressed the issue that had transpired from the square house on Sunday night. They play some footage of the night:

The square house is in the living room, and Belinda reveals her secret, but the audio is not played. Instead, the Big Brother narrator states how big the secret is and how the other housemates were very shocked. Saxon, Claire and Carlo are called to the diary room. Saxon doesn’t know how he’ll cope from now on in the house knowing this information. Afterwards Belinda goes to bed and the others talk about it outside.

Gretel states that’s all they’re allowed to show at that timeslot. She also says that the full coversation will be played on Big Brother uncut except in Queensland where legal jurisdiction prevents them from doing so. Anyway, Gretel gets on with what else is happening in the Big Brother houses, as life does actually go on (something we should all recognise). An update of the last 24 hours starts.

5:58am – Square house. Some of the housemates are outside talking about what happened that night. Claire and Vincent eventually go inside to get some sleep. Saxon and Carlo remain outside to talk some more.

In the round house the housemates are starting to talk fitness routines. Jo starts lapping the backyard while Patrick and Daniel provide commentary of her running race. Jo’s imaginary competitors catch up to her for a brief moment before she breaks away from the pack. Later on in the race, Jo does demonstrates the ‘ice skating rule’ by changing direction. Patrick says that due to today’s technology they can still easily track who the leader of the race is.

Ben wants to start doing some fitness routines as he realises he might be in the house for a much longer time than he expected. He promises to do 100 laps of the backyard. Regina taunts him so he responds by poking her with an umbrella. Later, Regina and Ben have an argument about whether King Island is part of Victoria (as Ben thinks) or Tasmania (Regina thinks). Regina asks Big Brother for an atlas or for the answer to the question. BB says he can’t answer it for her. According to the internet King Island is a part of Tasmania.. sorry Ben!

The square house is woken by Big Brother as we cross to Gretel, who directs it back to the round house.

2:48pm – Jo is talking about how she has stretch marks from being overweight. Regina admits she put on a lot of weight after high school. Ben says he was overweight for a time, but isn’t too clear about it. He says it was due to the long hours of his job at a desk. Later Ben goes outside to a have a jog. Jo is lost for words and doesn’t believe he’ll do it.

Later, Big Brother announces the nominees to the Round house. They are Leah and Daniel. Leah doesn’t look surprised and actually cheers. Daniel doesn’t say much. Big Brother also tells them they have a surprise for tomorrow and they are to pack their bags in the morning. Leah gets very excited at the prospect of going to the other house. Ben doesn’t look so happy. Leah jokes about how Big Brother was cheeky when he told them about the surprise. She says “how pumped am I” and “I am so excited”. Ben says he didn’t think that the houses would be mixed.

Gretel finishes up the segment by reading out the round house’s eviction numbers. Ad break. Gretel now crosses to footage of the square house, who are being told who the nominees are.

The nominees from the square house are Carlo and Belinda (not surprisingly). After being told of the surprise Saxon gets really excited. Vincent doesn’t looks so excited. Carlo starts to ponder about the nomination system and comes to the conclusion that it’s the single votes that count (a lack of 1 or 2 stay votes). Some of the housemates go to bed.

Carlo continues to discuss his nomination and possible eviction. Eventually Vincent goes inside. Carlo tells Saxon that he feels like he wants to go. Saxon isn’t very pleased at this idea.

The two houses are communicating as Leah yells over the wall asking the square house if they were asked to pack their bags. Saxon says he might see Leah tomorrow. Later, in the round house Leah is talking about wanting to go over to the other house because she’s younger and looking for a good time. Leah asks Ben if he’ll take care of her, Ben replies saying he’s Leah’s Big Brother. He then says that Leah should sleep with him tonight (non sexually) so he can protect her.

As the square house go to bed they say this might be the last night they sleep in this house. Saxon says he just wants a pool and that’s all that matters. He says it’s unlikely the houses will join, he suspects that it will only be the swapping over of a few housemates. The round house is in bed, and Leah says she doesn’t think they’ll be going anywhere tomorrow, just swapping the housemates bags over.

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