Day 16 Uplate

Ah yes, another late night, and another redention of a song from Chrissie. We join the round house (surprise surprise!) where Leah, Chrissie, Daniel & perhaps Joanne (unsure) are in the living room.

Quickly cut straight to the square bedroom, where Carlo is having a conservation with someone. In fact, I think everyone is in bed. They discuss that some people might be swaped fairly soon ( I haven’t seen nomination show yet so I have no idea if they’ve been told anything.), suggesting that that would be a dumb idea. Referring it to Survivor. And then suddenly, everything is quiet. I’m sure it was a hard day for all, rest should do them well.

Back to the living room in the round house, where Joanne is talking then decides it’s time for the toilet again. They each talk about how long their fingernails are. Patrick is also sitting in the living area as well, leaving only Ben and Regina in the bedroom (I imagine.)

They start discussing Gumbi video’s for some unknown reason, and Leah wants to track them down once she gets out of the house. Patrick and Daniel are talking about some technical mumble jumble, while Leah and Chrissie discuss Marketing jobs, and starting salaries. Assume that Leah is at Uni in this field, and is trying to figure out what she will be earning first year out into the real world.

They somehow get onto talking about insects, and cicadas in particular. Now you know there are two ways on saying cicadas, well they did the tomato song with that word. Funny stuff!

You say Cicadas
I say Cicadas
Cicadas, Cicadas etc etc.

All get up from their seats and start heading slowly toward the bedroom. Ben and Regina are in bed, Regina asleep and Ben just reading. Ben then gets up and looks to go out into the main living area, while everyone else gets ready for bed. And then the music comes on, and BB goes to a break.

Well, they decided against bed it seems. There are a few (Leah in underwear!) out at the fridge (leah, Ben, Patrick) eating something. It looks to be raining quite heavily. Ah, one would think they are eating late night chocolate snacks, but rather vegemite sandwiches by the look of it! Daniel is also outside with them. The 4 move into the living room, and then into the bedroom.

OMG. Brain Teaser dude just came on and scared the living daylights out of me. You can win up to $900 cash or something by talking to the guy live or some rubbish. Enough already, get back to the house!!

Back in the round house bedroom, Patrick is getting changed and having a laugh with Ben. Leah, Pat, Ben, Patrick, Joanne and Chrissie are all camped around the first three beds. (ie Chrissie, Joanne and Ben’s beds.) Not sure if Daniel is there or whether he’s trying to sleep. Another Ad Break.

Back to the square house for a sec, who seem to be asleep. So back we jump to the round house. The talk is all about text messages. Chrissie always uses the maximum characters in each sms. OMG how boring would that be, I normally just write a few words!

They discuss messaging each other once outside the house. Please don’t be stupid enough to actually say your phone number out loud!

Chrissie moves onto SClub7 or whatever they call themselves. She says that they are always so happy! LOL. Ah great, here’s the trivia guy again.

When we are returned to the house, they are commenting on how Ben looks a bit older than he actually is. Fair enough too, he hasn’t got much hair. Still going on about how old he is lol, and he’s beginning to get a bit pissed off.

Ad for the swapover tomorrow night comes on. Whats the bet that Belinda gets swaped over to the other house! They bring up the topic of betting on tasks. Most are all in the the kind of mood to say stuff it, lets bet 100%. Always a bad idea!!!

A few gas type smells have been let off tonight, and Chrissie has finally had enough, and is ready to open the door so she can breathe once again!

Joanne and Patrick seem to get closer and closer as each day goes by. They are lying on Joanne’s bed, and seem quite happy. Ben has gone out of the conversation a bit, but Chrissie is still talking a fair bit. Leah has gone to her own bed. In fact, they decide they have had enough talking, and all of them return to their own beds and call it a night.

LMAO!!!! OMG. Chrissie has just said to the house “We’re not going anywhere tomorrow. They are going to just swap bags.” Oh, they couldn’t be that cruel could they!

All in all it’s been a pretty uneventful night in both houses. While the Round house was talkative, their conversations were pretty much about nothing, which makes for boring television. Add to that the fact that I can’t be bothered tonight, and thats the reason this recap isn’t very good!

Keep looking for Warren,

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