Day 17

The housemates are woken and asked to pack their bags. In the square house Carlo asks why they can’t have a shower first. Footage of the round house packing up.

10:01am – The round house diary room. Big Brother calls for volunteers from the round house to swap. One boy and one girl, and they can’t be currently nominated. Ben and Regina immediately vounteer. BB warns them that there will be a rewards and risks associated with this. The risk is that one of the intruders from either house will be evicted, but the reward is that the rest of them will be immune from being nominated the following week. They are more hesitant this time but decide to volunteer anyway. Leah looks dissapointed as she cannot be an intruder. Gretel ends the segment.

The square house are in the diary room. Because Claire is the only non-nominated girl she is immediately put on the list to be swapped. She doesn’t really want to. BB says a guy can take her place if she really doesn’t want to go. In the end she agrees to intrude into the round house, along with Jaime who volunteers. Saxon is very much against the idea of going (probably because he wouldn’t be with Carlo). Vincent doesn’t want to do it either. Big Brother gives these intruders only 20 minutes to say goodbye to their housemates. The round housemates are asking Ben and Regina are they sure if they want to do it. Ben and Regina both agree that it’s a good challenge.

Meanwhile Saxon is explaining to the square housemates why he decided to stay. He says that being an intruder and being loyal to the other house means that your votes during nominations would have the biggest impact on who is elected to be evicted.

10:20am – Ben and Regina are leaving the round house. Jo is close to tears, and Chrissie doesn’t seem too happy about the whole situation. In the square house Jaime and Claire are being farewelled. Jaime makes an effort of getting a hug from Vincent. Gretel ends this segment with the eviction numbers for the round house.

10:28am – A door opens in the round house and Claire and Jaime walk in. Everyone gives them a warm welcome and they all hug. Jo and Claire were in the same car during the launch show and Jo remembers Claire is going for her PhD. Jaime and Leah were in the same car too. The square house doesn’t give such a warm welcome to Ben and Regina. Belinda is inside cleaning up when the two enter. She introduces herself and apologises for the mess. Carlo and Saxon walk in from outside and say hello. Vincent appears out of nowhere. They aren’t so enthusiastic as the other household but the all still have a good greeting. In the round house Jaime asks about a pool, but there is none. They all go outside. Ben explains to the original square housemates that the round house living room is much smaller than theirs. Later Ben is ‘rapping with the blokes’ and explains how he was the first in the other house.

The round house figure out that Tamara is missing, and they come to the conclusion that she’s probably an intruder. Jaime says the houses will merge by the end of the week. Ben tells the square house he’s a cop, Carlo says he has no drugs on him. Leah yells over the fence to Saxon asking why he didn’t volunteer to come over. Saxon says he can’t be bothered. Leah swears at Saxon and goes back to joining the new housemates.

Carlo and Saxon reveal that Jaime has been fantasising about Leah for weeks now. Ben says Jaime will be dissapointed – she’s just too loud.

The round house move into the bedroom and Claire identifies that there is a circle and rectangle theme in the two houses. They then organise beds. Jaime offers to share the double bed with Leah. The square house continue to talk. Belinda and Regina go into the bedroom. Carlo says it’s good that Belinda has a friend in the house.

Gretel says the housemates are settling in. 11:00am in the square house. Belinda finds out she uses the same shampoo as Regina. It turns out they have a few things in common. Belinda says the square house had had a lot of loud personalities that have all wanted to take on the leader role. She admits she’s stayed quiet most of the time to prevent conflict. Regina explains how Leah really wanted to move to the square house because she thought they were having more fun. Belinda assures Regina that that was not the case.

Carlo and Regina are talking over the BBQ. Carlo says he misses his girlfriend and explains she was going to move in with him just a week before Big Brother. His girlfriend was also going to attend the same university as Carlo.

In the round house Jo is talking with Claire and Leah with Jaime in the bedroom. Leah is talking about Ben and Daniel farting. Jaime describes some of the things Carlo has done in the square house. Leah says she doesn’t like Carlo.

Ben reveals he smuggled across some of Jo’s pants she wore during the seven sins party. The other guys are all excited and shocked at the same time (mainly due to the fact that the pants are so small). Vincent looks VERY intrigued.

Ben and Regina are called to diary room. Big Brother reveals another secret about a reward. The intruder who gets evicted will receive AU$10 000. However, the housemates aren’t allowed to provoke anyone to evict them or act differently than normal. I’m not sure if that $10 000 will be taxed, as the grand prize is, almost halving the amount the winner actually receives. Anyway, the pair are shocked. When Claire and Jaime are told about this, Jaime gasps out loud and Claire covers her mouth. They look very happy and have to have a final hug before they go back outside. The intruders aren’t allowed to tell the other housemates about this prize.

In the square house, Ben is talking to Carlo and Saxon about the occupants of the round house. He said it was all a bit fake. Carlo finds Ben’s bitching about the other house ammusing. Saxon starts asking about Jo and wonders if Ben is sad about leaving her. Ben admits he was a bit sad about leaving her because they had a strong bond from the begining. Saxon says that Jo sounds that hot she’s the celebrity model of the Big Brother house. Ben agrees. He says she has the looks and brains but still acts a little ditsy. Carlo says “yeah isn’t her boyfriend not that good looking?”.

In the round house Chrissie is saying she wishes the house had a vacuum cleaner. Claire agrees, saying the sqaure house got rid of all their rugs because it was too hard to clean up. She then goes on to explain the demographics of the square house: loud and male dominated, although she could still go to the bedroom and read alone quietly. Claire says she’s really glad she moved house. Both Jo and Chrissie agree that it was good for Regina to be spirited away with Ben in the other house.

Square house: Carlo is the host of dinner, cooking up on the BBQ. Ben has to stand back and let Carlo do all the work, and doesn’t look so enthusiastic about it. Carlo says “don’t be silly, you’re our guests”. Saxon proposes a toast over the dinner table: “cheers to the new household”.

In the round house Leah and Jaime are talking about driving. Leah has her manual licence but Jaime is still getting there. Leah gives a mini lesson on switching gears. Jaime cracks a few jokes, which Leah finds funny.

6:45pm – Claire and Chrissie are making the prediction of a clash between Carlo and Ben in the other house about the BBQ. They both explain they are the dominant males and they will either get along well or totally clash with each other. Chrissie explains how Ben started all the cooking and eventually let people help out after they confronted him about it.

7:30pm – In the square house Belinda is confiding in Regina about her isolation from the other housemates. Belinda explains she wasn’t too worried about it, but she was very glad to hear another girl would be intruding into the square house. Belinda gets cranky with Vincent a lot of the time because they both have similar personalities. She tells Regina that she’s fine with Vincent, and was fine with Saxon until he started getting along well with Carlo, who won’t talk to her at all. Belinda says “at least I can talk to myself”.

8:47pm – The round house are all singing, with Daniel providing faces and hand actions to go along with the lyrics.

The square house yells out to them to shutup. Saxon thinks the square house is too cool to sing and says that he would feel disturbed if they welcomed him as an intruder with a song.

Meanwhile Claire is not looking so entertained and more uncomfortable with the other housemates as they sing along. Surprisingly Regina and Ben yell out for them to shutup from the square house.

Later, Leah is yelling over the wall to ask how Regina and Ben are. Ben tells Leah to shutup. Leah says “how’s it like being poor you dick?”. She then asks Saxon “guess who I’m sharing a bed with”. When she yells out “Jaime” the boys of the square house cheer out, yelling “Go Jaime”. Leah then yells out goodnight.

9:45pm – Outside Ben and Regina are disgusted at Carlo’s peeing in the bushes. Regina calls Carlo a dirty fuck and tells him to “wash your hands you dirty bugger”. Saxon can’t help asking about their place in the house during nominations. He seems worried and uneasy about being voted against by these new housemates. When reminded of the house’s Jump Rope For Heart task (skipping) by Regina, Saxon exclaims he’s not looking foward to tomorrow.

10:06pm – Pat and Jo are “bonding” in the round house bedroom. Patrick tells Jo he isn’t bothered about anything that has happened in the house in the last few days. He does however, explain that he is bothered by stupidity, war and racism. So far there has been no war or racism in the house, and the only stupidity in the house has been funny. Patrick admits he hates brussel sprouts and prawns, which Jo can’t believe as she loves both. He pretends to go outside to tease Jo. Chrissie can see that he’s just pretending and tells Jo he’s waiting behind the semi-closed door. The camera reveals he is. Patrick then goes back inside the bedroom and has a good laugh with Jo.

10:51pm – Belinda is explaining the beds to Regina in the sqaure house. She says that Claire isn’t in the house now so Carlo might not make so much noise or crack so many lame jokes while the others are trying to sleep. Regina agrees with Belinda about Carlo not talking to her and mentions she noticed it earlier when all the housemates were outside. Belinda says it’s weird but she’s gotten used to it. She explains that in the begining Vincent and her were very close but he freaked her out after a while by following her around everywhere. Eventually he got the hint and joined the blokes group in the house. She says she can’t get them to accept her.

Ben comes into the bedroom. Belinda is glad that there is an all Australian guy in the square house. Ben says he’s going back outside to talk to the ‘other freaks’.

11.42pm – Jaime and Leah are in the double bed. Jaime mentions that his old bed was nothing compared to this one, because his old bed didn’t have a girl in it. Leah isn’t impressed by his comment and asks anyone else if they had heard his lame joke. Claire says she doesn’t know what is worse: being in bed with a gay chick with no clothes on or a guy who has a girlfriend. Leah agrees saying “it’s a lose-lose situation”.

Carlo is farting in the square bedroom. Ben and Regina aren’t impressed. They begin comparing the housemates of the square and round houses, and imagine how any of the other round housemates would have coped if they were intruders. Regina says she couldn’t picture any other round housemate fitting in here.

In the round house Jo welcomes the new housemates as they all go to bed.

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