Day 18

In the square house, Vincent, Carlo and Ben are all sleeping. One of them is snoring loudly. Regina and Belinda get up at 8:44am, woken by the snoring. They walk outside to find that the BBQ area hasn’t been cleaned up at all since last night’s dinner. Belinda offers to clean it up but Regina states she can’t stand the mess and will help to clean. Regina asks Belinda if they have been this messy since the beginning, which they have. They then discuss what the boys would be like at home. Belinda thinks that Vincent would be the only one reasonably clean at home.

The boys are still sleeping. Regina is finding it funny how the two houses are so different. She says it’s going to be unbelievable when the two houses merge. Belinda says it’s like the square house is the “don’t care house” and the round house is the “lets get in there guys and help out” house.

9:28am – Round House – Daniel, Jo and Chrissie are outside talking about how Jaime was bitching about the other house. Jo explains that Jaime told her he’s much happier in the round house. Chrissie explains Jaime’s run-in with Saxon about closing the doors to stop the moths coming in. There is also talk of Carlo being the alpha male in the other house. Daniel says it’s strange how they’re gossiping about the other house. Jo is shocked at how Carlo dominates the other household (in particular, asking for seconds at the dinner table).

10:39am – Sqaure house – Regina wakes the boys of the house to ready them for their skipping task. For some reason Carlo has a ‘J’ shaved out of his chest hair. Ben isn’t happy and has a go at Regina. Ever since Ben has started ‘rapping with the square house blokes’ he’s turned into a real asshole.

10:52am – In the round house Leah is talking about how tight the group really was before the intruder swapover. Over her breakfast Leah explains that she felt like an outsider from the house until the intruders came, when she realised how close she really was to the others.

In the square house Carlo baths in the kitchen sink which Regina just washed. Regina is not impressed at all and yells at him, calling him a dirty fuck (again). Carlo squats in the sink, his ass hanging over the edge… then lets out a big burp. Even Ben is uncomfortable about Carlo’s actions. There is a close up of Carlo washing his bum crack… how charming.

11:54am – Square House: The house is having trouble at the skipping task. Carlo just sits back while the others try to skip. Saxon has trouble at double-skipping at first, but soon gets the hang of it… after a successful number of double skips, Saxon throws the skipping rope away is happiness… only to see it fly outside the Big Brother compound walls. The others aren’t happy, Ben laughs.

Later, Saxon is talking to Belinda in the bedroom about her isolation from Carlo. Belinda says that Carlo is a horrible horrible man. She explains if she wasn’t such a strong person, she would have left the house long ago because of him.

The round house is doing very well with their skipping task. They do a very good run of a group skip. They all cheer after completing it.

In the square house Regina is drilling the other housemates about the skipping task. She isn’t impressed by the effort being made by everyone. After Ben stuffs up, Regina says “aren’t you smart enough to think and skip at the same time”. Ben, with his newly attained asshole personality responds with “I’m smart enough to know that you should shutup”. Regina knows that Ben can’t stand some one walking away from an argument so she says nothing. This angers Ben a lot and he says something stupid about a comeback (the same thing he said to Leah in the round house).

Later, Regina is cleaning up outside while Carlo and the other guys slack around. Regina tells Carlo he’s “gonna have to change his ways”. Carlo is not happy. Both Carlo and Ben make sexist jokes about Regina doing what she’s told.

In the square house bedroom, Saxon is telling Carlo what Belinda told him earlier. Saxon hesitates at telling Carlo that Belinda really hates him. Carlo says it’s her fault for everything, and the two of them brush the whole problem off. Ben comes into the bedroom and talks about getting a haircut. Carlo says Belinda is only good at doing short sides and back, which is why she’s never touching his hair.

Outside Belinda and Regina are talking about the ethnicity of Carlo. They figure he’s going to be bashed up when he leaves the house. Belinda says she knows other Italian guys who are nothing like Carlo. They predict even the Italian maafia would be disgusted by Carlo and would want to bash him up. Belinda mentions it’s people like Carlo that make you appreciate your life outside the house.

9:05pm – The round house are talking about how they miss Regina and Ben. Chrissie and Jo both agree they miss them more than their family and friends, because they know it’s impossible for them to see family and friends at the moment. Jo is expecting people to ask her why she cried when they went to the other house. Leah says that no one can comprehend what they go through in the house.

9:16pm – Square house – The guys are sitting the lounge room discussing how the girls are going to be sleeping on the couches tonight.

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