Day 13 Uplate

Up Late for another night. I didn’t get home till too late last night, and seeing everyone was asleep when I got home, there was no update. We join in the square house where Leah is still yelling and annoying all of the housemates. Vincent is trying to communicate to Leah and Regina, who are outside by themselves.

Suddenly they start discussing states and where people live. Saxon asks Leah is she is from some suburb in NSW, to which she replies yes. Saxon then reveals that he knows her boyfriend or something to that affect. Leah starts talking as if Saxon is Daniel, which is very strange.

Regina and Vincent had the same audition as well, so they know each other. Belinda then asks if there is a Daniel in their house, to which Leah replies yes. She then goes and gets him to talk to Belinda.

While waiting, Belinda tells Vincent that Daniel is gay. God knows where she got that from! Camera’s follow Leah inside, where Leah reveals there is 2 Daniel’s in the house. Hmm, she seems to describe Saxon perfectly. Remember last year Nathan was also called Marty, but Nathan in the house so as to not get confused. Maybe Saxon’s real name is Daniel.

By the way, there is beeping in this ‘live’ feed, but only when there is mentioned of boyfriends names or something like that. So perhaps were on a slight delay. Saxon is not in there, so says Leah. How wrong she is.

Ben then launches into ribbing Leah, saying that Leah is sexually attracted to this Daniel guy (Saxon). She strongly denies saying that Ben is wrong, Ben replying that he is never wrong. Singing in the background from what must be the living room. Ben, Pat and Jo are in the bedroom talking, with the lights still on. Ben and Jo have a play fight on Ben’s bed. Ben says that he was asleep before Pat and Jo came in, then says in a playful tone that he has to leave, cause this place is stressing him out.

Ben wants to go to bed, saying everyone must go to bed because Big Daddy says so. He says enough is enough about everyone talking in the living room. Ben, Jo & Chrissie are having an argument about whether Daniel is attracted to Chrissie, Chrissie saying that they are 100% friends. Ben drags Regina into the bedroom as well, and they start play fighting as well.

LOL, Ben asks Jo if he can use here car, to which she replies ‘yeh sure, its out the front.’ Someone has let off a nice smell, and there saying it’s a girl smell! Funny stuff in this house tonight.

Chrissie goes back out to the living room, and talks to Leah about this Daniel guy, who is HOT according to Leah. They have worked out almost all of their names, and say they have done well to not reveal their own names just yet. I wonder if they realise that in about 4 days they will all be together (See BBA story “The Wall’s Coming Down!?”)

Jo has just got changed, and god that girl is hot! They get into a petty argument, saying Kylie wouldn’t ‘accidentally pop out her boob’, maybe we did miss something. Jo is getting pissing off with Ben now, who is trying to say that Jo might have done it on purpose. Jo states that she tries very hard to protect herself, and hopes that it didn’t come out just now. Pity the camera’s were away, I could have been the judge :) Now they are happy papa and mama again, Ben putting his hand on her leg. While they don’t seem to have as many personal moments these days (obvious reasons because people are in the house with them), but I still think they rate each other very highly, and love each others company. I think if they had the chance to be down to the last three, Ben, Pat and Jo would all like those 3 as the last 3. Wow, I’m going way ahead, Benny could be out in 2 days!!! They cut to an ad break, so its time to grab a drink.

Back from the ad and we’re in the square house, with the whole gang sitting on the couch. BB has perhaps given them a bit of alcohol tonight by the sounds of it. And they are playing with condoms, as you would be of course! Everyone is having a good laugh about it though :)

Carlo leaves to go to the toilet, although he calls it something a bit different! They start talking about a movie, mainly Belinda and Saxon, called perhaps “The Calling.” Not 100% sure about that title. Saxon says he needs to get some water into him otherwise he’s gonna wake up seedy. Someone yells out that he has a bottle of water in his hand! Such a smart boy :)

Irena has blown her condom into a huge balloon, looking quite good. Suddenly we’re back in the round house, and Ben is still not happy. He just wants to go to bed, and everyone is talking and not letting him get any shut eye. There is at least 4 people in the bedroom, oops make that 5. Leah has settled into bed, Chrissie and Jo are singing, and Patrick, Ben and Regina are having a conversation. They mention that the other house seem drunk, saying that if they only got the same amount of alcohol they got, they don’t know how to drink. Ben raises the point again, that they might have got more than them because they are in the ‘better’ house.

Lights turn out, and Leah thanks Big Brother. They must have had a bit to drink cause Jo is very happy, singing with Chrissie still. Ben is about to hit them! He goes on to talk to Leah about her boyfriend perhaps, because we hear a lot of beeps from Ch10. With that, it’s time for another ad.

While the girls continue their sing along, the camera’s cut back to the square house, where Belinda shows her condom creation. Carlo makes his look like a penis, and then starts talking rubbish which I can’t be bothered writing.

Claire is by herself in the bedroom, and goes to the toilet. Cut to outside and Belinda tells Jaime that she can’t believe that they have had sex in the other house already. Jaime says that they are just lying too. Finally someone smart :) Apparently it’s freezing outside tonight, which is a great reason to actually walk outside. Vincent comes to join them, sitting at the table by himself, while Jame and Belinda sit near the Barbeque.

Belinda asks Vincent if he is tired or pissed off. Just tired he says. Vincent is doing his nightly face wash thingy stuff, while Belinda and Vincent eat M&M’S. They thank BB for a great night, hope we see some highlights sometime over the weekend. When Belinda & Vincent head inside, Jaime justs sits on the seat, enjoying the quiet time. And cue another break.

Vincent & Jaime are having a convo outside. Jaime says that while everyone clicked straight away, you can see now how some people are different, groups are forming, and that he is totally different to the people inside. Vincent says to Jaime ‘they put us here for a reason.’ Jaime can’t figure out bear, or Claire. He can’t tell what shes thinking, while Vincent says he can. He says besides (Vincent) Claire, who is smart, there is nothing to figure (suggesting that perhaps the others are a bit silly, stupid.) Belinda comes back out and thanks the guys for a great night. She seems sincere. Vincent says ‘shes gonna make a great mother one day.’ He is so right too, she cares soo much about everyone.

They tend there conversation toward whats going to happen on Sunday night. Vincents says the one you least suspect will probably go. He would love a nice drink and a cigarette. I suspect Jaime doesn’t smoke, as he just smiles. Irena joins them after the break, and start taling about singers.

Cut back to the round house, and Chrissie is singing (not half bad.) Quickly back to Claire and Belinda in their bedroom, the only two in the room. Belinda says something about how beep (boyfriend) is sleeping with someone different every night. Claire is stressing because she thinks someone she likes might also be seeing another person. They only just came to this conversation, so I’m unsure if thats exactly what she means. Claire is stressed because maybe some of her friends didn’t know that she was bi, or perhaps because she just wants to go back to her friends as Claire, not Claire from BB.

Claire is again talking about a girl she has met, via the Mardi Gra, and has been with as friends, I dunno, for the last two and a half months. Apparently they spent a lot of time together before she went into the BB House, although she didn’t go into the lockdown with her. Claire says that it was a good decision, if they had been together all that time, she would have been out within a few days. Jen is the name of the girl, and she has moved back to Sydney. Perhaps they were friends, but both wanted more, but being in different states is difficult. Belinda is being really nice during this conversation. And just when we have a good convo, BB pulls away from it.

Leah and Patrick are talking in their living room, while the girls are STILL singing in the bedroom. Talking about how long they’ve been in the house. They talk about Carmel and how great she is. Leah says she trusts her the most out of all the BB people behind the scenes.

FIREWORKS!!!! Thats a great way to get everyone up!! Dunno what it was, but almost everyone is outside. Saxon’s real name is Daniel for sure by the dound of this. Leah says she is cold to Saxon, saying “I’m in my underwear!” They are talking by themselves, saying they both came in the same night. LOL, Leah asks if he is nominated, and Saxon goes “Did I nominate you?” Saxon says “I’m going to bed, sexy, I’ll talk to you tomorrow”. Leah didn’t hear the sexy part though. Vincent is also outside, saying that it must have been a test run for fireworks. Well that sure bought some life into the show at 10 past the hour of 1. Great timing whoever arranged that :)

Irena, Saxon & Vincent are talking about the dates, with Jaime there as well. Irena knows what date it is, saying it’s Friday 9th May. She knows this cause friends are having a party on Saturday the 10th. She also mentions that Sunday is Mother’s Day.

Irena says that she had her moons read before entering, and the man told her she would have a long journey, with much stress, but would meet a man during this time, and come to the end of the journey with lots of stress but still get all she desires out of it. Interesting stuff.

Back to Patrick and Leah. They are talking about how you can’t escape chatter in this house, everywhere you sit you can’t escape some from of talk. Leah says she would go outside, but she gets sidetracked each time she goes out there because she wants to speak to next door. She is very excited about Daniel (Sax) next door, and says that she took time to get use to the longness of the house, and thats its not round. They talk how there must be a secret room in here somewhere. And another ad break cuts in.

Belinda is crying a bit in the square house, with Jaime comforting her. Someone, Carlo I think, said to her that she should not be in here. No, not Carlo, rather Saxon, I think, she said a 19 year old boy, and I am assuming that it ain’t Jaime seeing she is talking to him at present. After Sax said it, Carlo did as well apparently, so there both in her bad books for now. They were all in bed, but Belinda came out after it, and Jaime came to comfort her. Cut to the bedroom and Sax and Carlo come out. Please don’t cut us here BB. Saxon comes out cause he is hurt, and Belinda says ‘oh well f***, look at me.’

Saxon says why that happen is because he talked about Leah, and that everything that he said was true. Belinda looked at him then as if he was wrong earlier, and that he shouldn’t believe everything that you here, thus errupting the argument.

Cut to the bedroom, and Claire, Irena & Vincent are talking. I thought they were talking about housemates but I turned to the TV and they are playing with a Rubic Cue LOL. And then, Dreamworld says goodbye, and goodnight.

By far the most interesting BB: Up Late show for the week tonight, must have been because of the free booze. Maybe BB will pick up on this and let them have a bit more occassionally. Right from the start, through to the end, there was no snoring, and for the most part good healthy conversations. We finally get a few good conversations out of the square house, prime examples were the Vincent/Jaime and Claire/Belinda conversations. Perhaps they were even more interesting than the round house tonight. The conversation between Leah & Patrick toward the end was good, interrupted by the fireworks, while Joanne and Ben’s conversation near the start was also quite good.

Keep looking for Warren,

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