Day 13

Big Brother has thrown a party for both houses to congratulate them on their talent task. 5:42pm the round house are discussing the housemates. Leah is saying Chrissie is very nice and not too loud. Later, Chrissie is sitting around in the bedroom, she reveals to Regina that it’s to get away from Leah.

8:29pm, some of the square house mates are bitching about Belinda. Saxon breaks the rules by mentioning who he voted for. It’s obvious he’s had too much to drink and is talking a mile a minute. Vincent and Belinda are confined to outside, not wanting to talk to the other housemates. Carlo warns Irena and Saxon about them breaking the rules but they continue anyway. Carlo and Saxon bitch a little about Vincent and Belinda being antisocial and wanting things their way.

In the round house Ben and Jo are talking in code about nominations. They refer to the ‘black house’, ‘white house’ and grey house. They agree they need to team up to aliminate the ‘grey house’.

10:43pm Leah and Ben are talking about their nominations. Leah is feeling segregated from the rest of the household because she’s just 18. Ben comforts her. Leah says that the rest of the housemates feel threatened by them because Ben is the manipulating leader and Leah is the young ‘wannabe’ leader.

In the square house Vincent and Jaime are outside talking about the group forming in their house. Belinda calls them inside because it’s too cold but they don’t want to budge. Jaime says he can’t place Claire anywhere in the household. Belinda goes back inside and thanks the boys for a great night.

In the bedroom Saxon starts talking about Belinda with her right there. Belinda is mad and swears at him before storming out into the living room. It’s the first time the other housemates have heard her swear. Jaime goes to talk to Belinda who seems upset (close to tears). Saxon comes out to discuss the situation (but not apologise). Belinda and Saxon start arguing about what happened. Carlo joins up with Saxon to tell Belinda that just because they don’t talk to her doesn’t mean they hate her. Carlo says it’s just the way all three of them are. Belinda gets even more upset.

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