Day 12

The round house is on fire alert, and everyone is very tired because of fire drills in the early hours of the morning. Leah is edgy because of the lack of sleep, and keeps telling the other housemates to be quiet. Ben can’t sleep, Jo is waving her hands to Chrissie, who reminds the others to pick up their hats in case a fire alarm goes off. Leah says “fuck it” and says she’s going to sleep outside. Chrissie said “no it’s fine” and gets Leah to go back to bed.

Just at that moment the fire alarm goes off. Ben keeps telling the others to not panic or trip as they all run outside in a panic. Afterwards Regina says the task is torture. The round housemates have a late breakfast while Leah and Patrick are still in the bedroom. The others are talking about Leah’s snappy attitude. Chrissie says it’s just like Leah to go with her first emotion because she’s 18. No one wants to go inside in case they disturb Leah who is getting some sleep. Afterwards Leah comes outside and says sorry if she annoyed anyone.

10:29am – Square house – Saxon is having a cold shower in his speedos. Belinda is amused at the sight. Saxon gets out of the shower shivering. Belinda talks to Saxon and Vincent about her confrontation with Carlo the night before. Vincent doesn’t seem to care.

12:36pm. Daniel is talking about the current talent show task in a german accent. Jo says the voice sounds kind of gay, but Daniel thinks a talent quest is meant to be gay. The round house is finding it hard to organise something to present. Meanwhile, the square house are finding things much easier. Irena says farting and burping is a must for the show. She throws around the idea of “we’ve got so much gas we can fly”. Saxon rhymes rhymes with the other housemates saying “we’re a bunch full of lust”.

4:10pm – The round house is getting touchy about their groceries. Leah doesn’t think the lettuce should be left out otherwise it might go off. Ben dismisses her. Leah says maybe she should just keep her mouth shut. Ben attacks Leah by critising her comeback. They end their bickering on a heated note.

6:06pm – The square house is having a dress rehersal for their talent task. Carlo, Jaime and Saxon are dressed in bikinis and are stripping using towels. They are interupted by Big Brother to announce the results of the fire drill task. Big Brother says only one house won the task, and it wasn’t them. As a result their shopping allowance will be a lot less. According to my calculations, their shopping amount will be $26.25 for the week (that is assuming Irena is evicted). Big Brother wishes them good luck for the talent task. Carlo bends down to pick up something from the ground and something must have poked out of his g-string because a blur was put over his crotch. Vincent looks real pissed off.

In the round house Big Brother tells them they won the task. Everyone is really excited, except Ben.. but he eventually cracks a smile.

8:40pm – The square house is performing their talent show. It involves singing lymerics about each of the housemates. Each housemate steps foward and sings about themself. Vincent doesn’t look like he’s having fun and does a half-assed job about it. He’s the only one not dressed up. Irena goes full bore with it and puts in a lot of effort.

9:07pm – The Round House are doing their talent show. They are singing about their nicknames. Patrick is on the guitar, and misnames Leah (on purpose). Chrissie says she’s sometimes called ‘cripsy’ and a name she agreed not to mention. Ben is sometimes called Karl Kennedy from Neighbours. Regina is last up, saying “I’m just Reggie”. They end it off with a fake fire drill and run out of the room, thanking Big Brother.

Later, Jo is pondering over her boyfriend. She explains that during isolation she found it really hard to sit around with her boyfriend and talk. Usually they are with friends or out somewhere but alone with each other she was bored. She admits she got anxious about going into the house becuase she couldn’t even last a few nights alone with her boyfriend.

10:16pm – Leah is trying on outfits for her possible eviction. She doesn’t want her ass to be showing much because she thinks it’s too big. She says she better get evicted so she can walk out on stage, instead of getting dressed up for nothing. Jo is stroking Patrick’s head in bed again (the head on his shoulders).

12:14am – Bedtime in the square house. Everyone is saying goodnight. Carlo says goodnight to ‘scary Sax’.

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