Day 11 Uplate

A good evening to everyone, or even an early morning. Whichever you prefer. I was at work till after midnight, so I missed the commencement of Up Late, but will fill you in on what I’ve seen tonight.

It started like every other night, all the round house was in bed. They were chatting away about there fire task, and that if BB kept asking them to do it (in other words setting off the alarm) there would soon be no one left because of injuries.

I can see that Chrissie has something wrong with one of her foots, and apparently someone else is injured, perhaps Leah, although I’m not entirely sure.

Patrick is doing Big Brotherimpersonations, saying “This is Big Brother, Do not worry about the fire out the back, the fire brigade will come and save you. We cannot risk anymore injuries.” It’s all funny stuff in this room, although Reggie seems to be very much asleep.

Daniel puts on a half british accent, and starts talking absolute rubbish, but it gets some laughs out of the other housemates.

Leah then lets the house know how she feels saying “Can we all just get some sleep please. With this task, and not knowing when we’re going to be called up for action, I’d like some sleep.” Fair enough point considering too, and so the house has calmed down and are now trying to drift too sleep.

However, Ben is now more ‘wired’ than he has been previously in the house, and isn’t ready for sleep. When they hear a noise coming from outside, Ben jumps up to have a look, but can’t see anything out of the ordinary. He slowly returns to his bed, which co-incedentally has the only light on, in the room. They have decided to keep one on so they can see what they’re doing when the alarm for the drill goes off.

Finally, we cross over to the square house. Well, it’s fun times over here, with everyone asleep. This is going to be a very interesting next 45 minutes or so, which is how long the show is on for still. It’s quickly pulled back to the round house, because it’s more exciting, because they have a light on!

While Joanne uses Ben’s light to get some more reading in, everyone else has seemed to nod off to dreamland. I wonder whether we’ll see one more fire drill before Channel 10 pulls up stumps.

Just after 1:20am they are woken by the alarm, and run outside to complete the task. And of course, I was watching the daily show in this time (Recorded), and missed it. I see them when they return to the bedroom, Patrick saying ‘that was the hardest.’ Instantly, most believe they failed that drill. It looks as if at least Chrissie was excused from the drill alsol. Leah is also worried that she stepped onto the platform while someone else was still going down the fireman slide. She seems to think that is an instant fail, but Ben says ‘nah, that didn’t happen.’

Regina & Leah then go about sorting out their sheets, as they both share the double bed. Ben then decides to check the rulebook, paranoid by Leah’s comment. Joanne grabs the rules, and after reading, says ‘we failed.’ She then proceeds to read the rules, and while they are not all convinced, they do believe that they might well have failed the task totally already, and not just one strike (allowed two from what I can tell.) And suddenly, Ch10 go to a break, which at least advertises BB Uncut, Thursday 9:30pm :)

When we are returned to the round bedroom, all is quiet as everyone settles themselves back to sleep. Not even a whisper from anyone for the rest of the program. At 1:47am AET Big Brother puts us out of our misery and wishes us a good night :)

Keep looking for warren,

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