Day 10

The show opens with a very energetic (and bouncy) Jo running laps around the Round House’s garden – a very energetic level compared to their neighbours. Irena and Belinda are found talking in the bedroom about “The Game” and how Irena is handling it. She seems still upset about getting a talking to by BB the day before – it’s weird she’s talking to Belinda who was the topic of conversation that got her in trouble in the first place. Irena seems confused about if she wants to stay in the house saying that she knows it’s only been a week in here but it feels like forever. The conversation ends when Carlo enters the room to use the bathroom and the girls do a very poor job of pretending they were talking about something else.

Soon after Irena is out having the same conversation with Saxon who is skilfully bouncing a ball up against the garden wall… the conversation goes around and around and Saxon finally tells her that she needs to do what’s going to make her happy and at the end of the day she needs to forget about the game. Irena tells him that she will speak to BB later in the day.

Sax must be very concerned about Irena as his attention wavered from his ball which has caused him to accidentally hit the golf ball onto the roof – it slides all the way over the other side and lands in the round houses yard with a “what the” from Jo who was sitting under the roof at the time.

Leah immediately jumps up to grab the ball – she is so excited, screaming and jumping around and she then starts up a “conversation” with Vincent about the ball. One wonders if Leah will sleep with ball under her pillow she is so excited.

Back in the square house we see Irena, Carlo and Saxon standing around the BBQ. It seems BB has just given them a new task and Saxon is complaining about the stress that Belinda is oozing in getting everyone to understand the rules. Saxon’s says “She’s a really cool chick but she stresses too much”, he continues “People have to understand that this is a stressful environment” in which Irena quickly snaps back something about him only being here for four days – half the time she’s been in there. Carlo seems to understand and agree with Saxon.

The HM’s new task is to become Firemen – for the next 24 hours a random fire bell will ring and they have one minute and twenty seconds to all dress in their fire gear, run to the garden, one by one slide down the fireman pole and line up to water the imaginary fire. The HM’s decide to bet 75% of their weekly budget on this task. Carlo makes a point of saying that all we need is the basics – none of this luxury stuff.

Before they have time to think DING DING DING. Screams of laughter come from all housemates as they successfully carry out their first task.

Later in the day BB announces the nominations for this week. After Leah’s name is called out she giggles yelling “I knew it, I knew it”. After Ben’s name is called he muses a dull “Hey, Hey, Hey!” almost to himself. Leah can still be heard in the background saying “didn’t I tell you all, didn’t I” she then tells them that she has bets with her friends and family that she will get kicked out the first week. If she wins they have to shout her drinks continually for a week but it’s not clear if she backed herself or not. The conversation around the table is extremely uncomfortable and Ben starts to whistle. No-one seems to be going out of their way to say anything comforting to either nominated housemate.

In the square house the mood (yet again) couldn’t be more different. Moments after the Square HM’s are announced they all leap up for a Carlo suggested communal hug. The initial reactions by Irena was a puppy dog sad face, a nod by Saxon followed by a shocked Saxon when he heard Belinda’s name being read out. Irena announces that she will be the one to go as she is the chubby wog girl and she is up against the blonde surfer boy (Saxon) and a “Bella Ballerina” (Belinda). But her very next sentence is “But I reckon the house dynamics will be fucked without me”.

Back over in the round house Leah is crying in the toilet holding a photo. After washing her eyes she comes back out to join the gang and speaks to Ben. Leah tells Ben that she really wants to leave and Ben says that he’s not at that stage but that the nomination still hurts him. Leah then starts to cry again telling everyone how much she misses her boyfriend. She says something about her chances are pretty high of being evicted and not one person jumps in to say anything – it’s deathly silence.

It’s 12:01 in the square house. DING DING DING. In between all the “oh my gods”, “faster, faster” and “I hate this bit” they manage to successfully complete their task.

The DING’S also manage to wake up the round house with the round housemates almost making it outside faster than their neighbors – but what for? They can’t work out what’s going on over there with Dan yelling out “it’s the third place”, Chrissie saying that she thinks it’s a new group of HM’s arriving and of course Leah yelling out again “do you have a pool?”

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