Day 9

It’s 6:46am and Daniel and Regina have gotten up early due to the cold weather. Both use the opportunity to talk about the other housemates. Daniel explains his speculation of a love triangle in the round house. He says he thinks Leah has a ‘crush’ on him, while he is interested in Jo. When asked about his relationship with Leah, he says “she’s too young” to be taking it to another level. He also explains that Leah knows he has eyes for Jo, and is wondering whether Daniel would be more interested if her if she had bigger boobs (like Jo).

11:25am – Square House – Belinda explains that her and Carlo finally started talking together. Saxon explains that perhaps it’s the fact that Carlo is too imtimidating that the two haven’t spoken before. Belinda stated that once she tried to talk to Carlo and he just walked away, so this time she just wanted to confront him about it.

Later, Irena is asking Saxon why Vincent never wants to talk to her. Saxon says Vincent is like that to almost everyone in the house. Just as they’re talking about him he walks through the door and Irena says for them too all shutup (he doesn’t hear them). Vincent is looking hungover, either that or extremely tired. Irena says that he slept in late and it’s almost lunch time.

12:34pm – The houses are given the task of budgeting food and items for the week. The houses have the budget of $2.50 per person per day, which Carlo is annoyed at. The square house are sorting their shopping in a loud and chaotic way, with everyone talking at once. Carlo says food should come first, Saxon says there should be tea and Irena is worried about toilet paper.

Meanwhile in the round house the housemates are organising their shopping much more calmly, with Chrissie leading the process and Jo recording their list on a whiteboard. Ben and Daniel step back and talk while the rest worry about the list. There is a bit of confusion over the toilet paper: Ben thinks it is a provided item, but they only have 2 rolls left. Before the housemates have a chance to up their toilet roll requirements, Big Brother informs them the list must be returned to the diary room within a minute.

The square house are discussing their soft drinks (or lack thereof) while Big Brother tells them the list must be returned. Afterwards Saxon complains it was hard trying to do the list while everyone was talking at once.

Later in the round house Daniel is giving Leah a massage outside. She says she will return the favour but Daniel is not so sure. She reassures him that she’s ok at massages. Irena is ‘pampering’ Carlo while they discuss who is the most attractive person in their house. Irena says she thinks Claire is, while Carlo says Belinda (standard attraction level, according to him). Irena says personality wise “I’m the best” to which Carlo replies “personality and looks, I’m the masta”.

The aftermath of the nominations. The round house is shocked at Big Brother not revealing who is nominated, but Jo says it’s “better that we don’t know”. Regina says “what a bugger”. Jo assures the group it’s best not to think about it. Leah says “lets just do what we normally do” just before burping.

In the square house the housemates are very annoyed about not being told who’s nominated. Irena asks the others why Big Brother won’t tell them. Ben says he’s not stressed and it’s the “ultimate opportunity” to which the other housemates are baffled. After being asked to explain he says it’s the opportunity to “take a bow and leave”. The other say he shouldn’t leave, especially Jo who clearly states she doesn’t want him to go.

Later while the other housemates are quoting Austin Powers, Ben is called into the diary room. Big Brother wants to know what’s going on in his mind. Ben looks like he is being interrogated, especially due to the bright lights above the diary chair. He says that Jo interpreted his statement wrong, and he was only using it for sympathy tactics. “Don’t believe everything that you hear out of my mouth”.

In the square house Belinda is called into the diary room, but the reason is not shown. The others think it’s about nominations. When she emerges she says it was because of her microphone pack battery. Carlo doesn’t believe a word of it. Afterwards the guys are discussing it outside. Saxon and Carlo think she was being told she was nominated. Vincent tells them to just forget about it.

In the bedroom Claire and Irena are talking about Belinda too, and other possible nominations. They say “we all know who pisses everyone off”. Claire says that next week Belinda will probably be showering nude – meaning that Belinda would have been evicted and would have the privacy to shower naked (up until now she’s covered up).

Claire and Irena are called to the diary room because of their comment. Big Brother says “ladies, your recent converstions are close to collusion”. Claire aruges against Big Brother claims, but he butts back in before Claire can finish explaining herself and says their showering claim may have broken the rules. Claire disagrees but Irena stays static. Big Brother tells them that he will be reviewing the situation and if they are in breach it they will get a strike (three strikes and they are automatically nominated).

It’s bed time. In the round house Leah says she needs to have a cry but assures the rest that it’s her just getting her emotions out. Leah cries while the other housemates try to carry a normal conversation: “really I’m ok”.

In the square house Irena is talking about her run in with Big Brother. She says that it’s probably due to her age that she’s not taking the authority well, and is sick of sharing with six other people.

12:55am – Irena leaves the bedroom, says she’s “going for a walk”. Clearly shook up about her confrontation she sits outside and cries for a bit. Irena says to herself “I don’t think this place is cut out for me” … “can’t do it anymore”. Are you satisfied Big Brother?

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