Day 11

8:14am – The square house is woken by a fire drill, as part of their weekly task. They have 80 seconds to get into their protective gear, go down the fire pole set up outside and spray the ‘fire’ with water. The housemates do their paces slowly and look very tired. Saxon lets out a loud yawn as they wait for Big Brother to end the task. Irena says she had a dream she left the house. Eventually Big Brother tells them the task is over.

In the round house Regina and Chrissie are talking over breakfast cooking. Regina talks about her bad temper and how sometimes she angrily swears at her husband without even noticing it. She said sometimes she snaps at him by saying things like “oh fuck you fucking prick”. She feels bad because he would never do that to her.

The square house, 11.23am, Saxon reveals he had a third undescended testicle, but it was removed when he was in Year 12. The procedure could have left him infurtile, but he decided he didn’t want to know if this was the case. He said “if I was infurtile I’d just get my dad to help me out”. With artificial insemination, “it’d be like step brother son”.

4:18pm – Irena is massaging Carlo in the bedroom and begins talking (actually.. whispering) about a mass walkout. She’s still clearly audible. Vincent asks, if she wants to walk out now, then why did she want to join Big Brother in the first place? Irena says she expected Big Brother to be more of a competitive game, rather than a relaxing few weeks lying around. Vincent and Carlo don’t seem to care, but Irena insists it would show the world about Australian mateship.

In the round house Jo and Patrick are lying together in the same bed, awfully close and awfully intimate. Jo is patting Patrick’s head and says “I’ve got the magic touch”. Jo starts brushing his hair and hums along to Patrick’s delight. After a bit of brushing, Jo says “you’ve got the beatles look”.

In the square house some of the housemates are cooking up dinner. Irena keeps talking about a mass walkout again. Carlo doesn’t like the idea one bit, to which Irena calls him a woosie. She says it’s about “taking control of yourself”. Saxon comes to Carlo’s defence by saying it would wreck the entire experience of making new friends in the house. Carlo and Vincent discuss their opposition to the idea more, Irena isn’t happy.

In the bedroom Belinda explains she has a headache – and thinks it’s because she’s so annoyed at how Carlo won’t talk to her. Claire, Irena and Saxon suggest it may be that he’s intimidated by her, or he’s attracted to her. Finally Belinda goes straight outside to Carlo who is still at the BBQ. She asks “how come you don’t talk to me so much?”. Carlo doesn’t really know what to say and but manages that if it’s true then he’s sorry about it. Empty conversation between to two results: “so.. hows life?”, “life is good”. Saxon suggests the two should spend the night in the double bed together.

Round house, 9:15pm. Jo is brushing Patrick’s hair again. Chrissie says it looks like a typical relationship thing to do (brushing hair and all).

9:22pm, Belinda is in the bedroom. Outside Carlo is having a heated discussion about Belinda and her confrontation with him earlier. Irena says “karma goes around”. Saxon suggests that he likes her, but Carlo dismisses it. Instead he says she yells at him too much and always tells him what to do. Vincent says he won’t be a part of this conversation and walks back inside. Jaime leaves.. he has to pee. Carlo tells Saxon that if Saxon leaves before he does, he doesn’t know if he’ll be able to stay.

Carlo gets back to the subject of Belinda, and her “true colours” shining. Irena walks back outside and states that when entering the house Belinda told herself that she would keep all of her feelings inside, and not let them out… so her experience in the house is hard on her. Carlo doesn’t really care and goes onto to say “just because she’s good looking she thinks she can boss people around” (or something to that extent). He also says that Belinda is only nice if she is “dressed up, [and] doesn’t speak”.

Bedtime. 11:04pm. In the round house Jo is worried about how the audience might perceive her brushing Patrick’s hair. Ben doesn’t help her nerves by saying that the audience will more than likely see it as sexual. However, he then reassures her that it’s just her personality to be affectionate to everyone, and it’s better that she’s not suppressing it just for her boyfriend.

In the round house, Irena ends the day by saying “and so ends another day of paradise in the Big Brother house”.

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