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THE COUCH - TV Chat Thread


Thanks for that Affable. The Farmer Wants A Wife was the last thing on my viewing list for tonight and possible spoilers were also the last thing I expected in this thread...but there you go...

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Sorry about that. Thought no one on here cared about the show.

Not a very high success rate in the end.
Farmer Nick was on the morning show (the one with Larry & Kylie), with a black eye, eye patch, and seemingly drunk. He gave away that no partner was there with him.


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Oh dear! I have to say that I didn't find any of the Farmers (or the prospective wives for that matter) particularly endearing. I think it was why it was always the last show on my 'to watch' list. Harry's choice was probably the best imo. I still haven't watched last night's ep yet...maybe tonight.


Nope @reepbot
That turd jo is.......not attractive, kind of slimy, not funny, right wing
Tommy is a comic, no idea what the other is?..

Woohoo, Emmys.......my fave fantastic show is sweeping the field so far, winning
Best everything, leads, costars, and more
SCHITTS CREEK......I miss it so much, hope they do more stuff together


David Tennant fans, have you found STAGED?
On Mondays 7.30, abc 22
Odd little lockdown 30 mins
With Michael Sheen, and guests, Dame Judy Dench is next
About preparing/rehearsing a play during lockdown on zoom, with the creator/writer....who is having a bit of a melt down by 2nd show last night
It is weird, and curious
Features David at home with his wife, the Doctor’s daughter (doubled, as she is a Doctor’s daughter in reality & on tv)
David & Michael are such great friends, they are fun together, ribbing each other.


Is rather good
The contestants are mostly vile creatures, so being treated like shit is interesting rather than too nasty of us