Talk to Timdormer (yes it's really me)


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Haha! Thank you. I love your philosophy. That is exactly what I have taken on board from your time on and after the show. It has helped me a lot. Thanks again. Xx
This gif nails it. Plus I heart John Krasinski.


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I know you've had your issues with them from what you've said but if it helps, all of your fans would absolutely LOVE to see you on there again. Honestly no look back at the history of BBAU is complete without you. I would be gutted if you weren't on there and I know MANY others would feel the same. If nothing else, think with your business side... it'll help give publicity to yours and Ben's upcoming project! But yeah, please just do it. If you're not on there and I have to watch all of the other past winners including a few who shall remain nameless... my bloody Prisus I'll lose it. You NEED to be there. xo
Totally agree with Mrs B @Timdormer .
Do it for the fans.


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@Timdormer Ben wasn't very popular with this forum last year. I think people had a variety of reasons for this: they felt Ben was being fake, they were annoyed by him constantly talking to his pictures or they felt his need to be reassured frequently was a negative characteristic.

Were you surprised that Ben had some people who disliked him? Also, which housemates from last year did you think people would like but didn't and vice versa?


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Tim, do you see David from this year as being "bitter" (a word that has been thrown around a lot) or just honest?


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WOW. You are a legend! This is not just a catchphrase to me, it's how I live my life and my mission is to empower others to do the same! Make a positive difference in this world by being unashamedly genuinely me, most people are too afraid and spend their lives trying to bring others down!

Tim, you're great.... More individualism, less sheep bah!


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Hahaa. And pathetic.[DOUBLEPOST=1416568681][/DOUBLEPOST]
You know it!

I was a BIG fan of TimD .....
....then I turned.

You lost me when you didn't maintain ownership of your gameplay. I wanted a winner who owned it all the way to the end, without the excuses. The extra 20? days probably played a role in this.

I have said that you are similar to Skye in terms of keeping the attention, maintaining the hype and cameras on you.... being central to the storyline. I have also said that Skye hasn't excused herself from her gameplay. If she does, I will stop voting for her.