Talk to Timdormer (yes it's really me)


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First off, yes it's the real Tim Dormer. Just wanted to stop by and say I share your excitement about the new series starting in a few weeks!!

Before I went into the house last year I used to check this forum daily for any news on what to expect...haha I actually found out some big goss (the jade and drew pretend marriage storyline here), that got Alex a bit scared when I told him in lockdown!!

From season 1, I've always loved how interactive Big Brother is and I'm a huge advocate for the role forums like this play in facilitating discussion on the social experiment that is big brother. Anyway just wanted to say I've always been a big fan of your work (even though I hear not all of you were not big fans of mine!) Last year I played the game hard because I knew people like you would be critiquing me! This year I get to watch my favourite show as a fan again and like you, I'll be eagerly hoping for an entertaining series!! Looking forward to watching it with you guys!

As for how much I know about the new season...let's just say I've already been told to keep my mouth shut, (and Alex if you're reading this I promised I'd be good!).

Would love to chat, shoot me your questions about last years or the upcoming series and I'll try give you the juicy bits without getting into trouble!
Tim. X

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Hey Tim!

Happy that you finally made an appearance on the forums, anyway I hope you really do stick around during the season and not too many people are mean to you..... Looks like you already have 1 hater though.

@Sparrow11 look who's here!!!


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sorry to be sceptical, but theres plenty of fakers on these forums and on twitter, mind posting a tweet right now as verification?


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Happily. When do yours begin?


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@bleachy_dude hes ignoring us, im getting suss.
@marquisite said it could be legit. I'm guessing that means the email he used to sign up looks legit. Was it the same email on his twitter?[DOUBLEPOST=1408374084][/DOUBLEPOST]Confirmation folks. He just tweeted.

@behindbb this is to prove I'm the real Tim talking on your forum. So play nice...or I won't.
1:00am - 19 Aug 14

This is the real deal,

Play nice peeps