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@Timdormer for many years Paul Dyer was my fave player of the game, but you eclipsed that with what i think was the perfect game. Congrats.
How's Ben going? Please send him my love.
Generally after a BB wraps, all the ex HMs look like theyre all friendly even if they weren't whilst in the house, yet this season, not sure if its just large amounts of resting bitch face, but the "cool kids" still look like they have no time at all for some of the others. Any comments on this? Is there anyone the others just sort of tolerate at best?
It is SO OBVIOUS there is a clique with lisa and katie being the queen bees.
Lisa says shes not that girl and katie blamed editing but you can just tell tey are a couple of bitchy girls


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Tim. I can see that you have a good heart and are a good friend. That moment last season when Ben broke down and said he had nothing to go home to and you said he would always have you guys, was one of the best moments ever. The world is full of lonely people. The key is to connect. That was a great and honest moment of connection.

I am so happy that you and Ben met in the house. I think the friendship benefits both of you.

I'm glad you support Ben with his depression. But I also think Ben brings out a vulnerable side of you, that is easy to hide behind jokes and over the top behaviour.

I will be supporting you on your trip to Memphis. I wish I could go and meet you. Make sure your American supporters will know what you are doing.

Your season of big brother is one of the best shows I've seen on tv.