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You mean the boy who committed suicide? He denied,but he became, unfortunately, unable to overcome what happened to him.
He was never the same boy, started using heroin soon after,he died of a heroin overdose.

The survivor, is a Uni Prof, he was fortunately able to compartmentalise/isolate his violation and move on, albeit damaged but clearly very clever and stoic.
He, being an eye witness, could have given evidence about the other boy.

And oh wow, how damning is Pell's police interview.......he has had decades to prepare for this, and he comes across as a very unconvincing BIG FAT LIAR.
Just that interview, would have convinced me to charge his lying arse.

I was brought up very Catholic, it disgusts me how the church has failed everyone.
Very glad my Mum died before seeing this, she loved being Catholic.

I must add, as a female, we had very little to do with priests or brothers. Just Sunday mass, and a visit once a week at school.

Half of them we found to be dickheads......the nuns were more Catholic
I have met, a handful of very inspiring humble holy men.......mostly Jesuits and Franciscans.

Evil bastards

They ruined my late younger brother's life
Yes, I do mean that boy. I know the living boy (man) testified on his behalf so to speak. I just would have thought it’s unusual to be convicted of a crime against someone who denied the crime and who is no longer alive. I didn’t see interview. I’ll have a lookout for it.