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Tried to find somewhere to put this story so though I'd start a thread for general news.

I was just checking out the online news to read that an Airline I've never even heard of has been grounded.

THOUSANDS of Air Australia passengers are stranded overseas after the budget airline was abruptly placed into administration overnight.

More than 4000 travellers have been told to find another way home after the airline's fleet was grounded indefinitely.

"There's about 4000 people overseas and they actively need to manage their own affairs, our call centre can take the calls but they should not be relying on Air Australia to get them back," Mark Morda, a spokesman for administrators KordaMentha, told 3AW.

"They actively should be trying to find another airline, during the night we’ve also talked to Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin."

He said the airline had run out of money to refuel its planes overnight.



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They only just started carrying passengers, they only did freight. It was only about three months ago we think.


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Shame it didn't work, would have been good to have another airline for competition. Since Tiger stopped flying out of Adelaide the fares from here are outrageous.
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I've heard that the airplane was sitting on the tarmac and the airline didn't have the money for the fuel to fly home. People were sitting on the plane and had to get off, go back through customs to be allowed through. What a nightmare for those passengers.


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I'd never heard of them either until a friend of mine posted that she can't get back from her honeymoon, which as a few of us suggested, is not actually a bad thing ;)


nope me either. If he didnt swear when he's angry like that it would be more unnerving. Anyone really think Bob hawke wouldnt have sworn back in the day when pissed?


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Yep, everyone swears and mostly he is just frustrated with himself, no biggie. As Goffy said Bob would have had more than a few swear words in his vocabulary as would Abbott and every other pollie.


every politician swears. its jut that this video of rudd was released by someone who wants to discredit him incase there is a challenge. personally, i dont think there will be one just yet. i think if rudd does do it, which he will, he will wait until gillard fucks herself over, and we all know she will.


I just don't get how it discredits him. He's human - wow? He doesn't get angry or scream at anyone, I just don't get why this is meant to paint a bad image of him, it doesn't.


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another way to look at this...

It sure does make Julia seem sterile and robotically scripted


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That's a good point Kat, maybe they need to "leak" a Julia blooper tape :)

I agree with you Aylaah, it was mainly just Kevin getting frustrated with himself.


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Rudd has eaten his own ear wax and got away with it, as well as being busted at a NY strip club. Whoever thought that this would do any damage is an absolute dork!

I am starting to wonder if there is a mystery 3rd person lurking giving Julia this bad advice hoping that her and Rudd will end up imploding and they can take their place.