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Do we have a politics thread to discuss things political?


Somehow I Still Believe

Cannot believe the Victorian Premier is the highest paid in Australian, and after a little pay rise, the incompetent QLD Premier will be second.
Very, very interesting.

Great decision to give her a pay rise. Will reflect the outstanding job she has done as Premier of Queensland.


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(Golly, bursts into tears)
Hey Forum friends, can you & the great continent/country of Australia
do me & the USA a favour?
Please make tnis viral & ask any & everyone to pray (even the atheists) for us
Half of my country (the ones w/guns) believe the Election stolen & 6 January was a tour gone wrong
Today, we had another mass shooting.
I can't deal w/it anymore
Please please please, New Zealand & Australia
you both faced gun violence & said enough is enough
Pray that my country & our POTUS can survive & find a way to make it safe to live
(I fear an assasination could be among the GOP's plans)
Thanks & apologies for emotional & not witty banter like post
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No. A smart person would vote independent.
I am liking Affable after all
However, there is no such thing as Independent now
You are either a Democrat or you're everything that is not
I keep asking the few Republicans I know
if you think POTUS was stolen then how was anyone else eledted
Anyway, thanks again for the Parley we need not rehash oz or Yank politics
I just gently remind that none of your would choose to live here
There are just too many people w/guns