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I think, therefore I am, I think ...
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Went up overnight in Hosier Lane

I dont condone the egging itself ... however Anning didn’t just slap him once ... he then went in for more and his thugs had the kid in a headlock
this is a minor we’re talking about
the initial slap could be consider a normal self defensive reaction ... everything that folowed is not

For him to say his mother should have slapped him a lot earlier ... can he just keep piling it on??!!

a crowdfunding page for the boy is up to around $40000 (initially started to cover any legal costs he might encounter if charged) but he’s apparently donating it to those affected in Christchurch
Yes, what followed was really harsh.
If the money goes where he says it's going, all and well.
Sounds like he might have leaned something from this ... hopefully!