Do we have a politics thread to discuss things political?


I think Bill comes across as a bit shy actually
He just doesn't seem very Labor like to me, he seems too posh or something I don't know


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@oddjob you get a 19 year old student newbie, 2 months in labor
If he wins he will be the first Labor member for Brighton, it’s never not voted conservative.

He didn’t even plan an after party for himself, he went to his mates in the next electorate. Spent less than 2 grand on his campaign.

And I see the possible new Labor member for Hawthorn, the first since 1955, is a 71 year old who lives in a retirement home. So he’s not the only no chance in hell candidate who might get up.

This is craziest election I can remember.


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Why would that not surprise me
Yeah, they're a minority government* deliberately snubbing a new independent who may actually support them on some issues, so it goes to show how stupid they are.

Particularly ironic getting the sulks about her, when it was by their own actions that she is sitting there instead of Malcolm in the first place.

*even more minority now that Julia Banks is out, who pointedly named Malcolm's ousting as one of her reasons.


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Mueller Offers Cyber Monday Plea Deals

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Robert Mueller’s announcement that he would be offering Cyber Monday plea deals touched off hysteria among disgraced Trump associates desperate for the chance to score a drastically reduced sentence.

Moments after the office of the special counsel went live with its Cyber Monday Web site,, thousands of Trump cronies flooded it with traffic, causing the site to briefly crash.

Harland Dorrinson, the member of Mueller’s team who masterminded the Cyber Monday sale, said that the special counsel was offering a limited number of “prison doorbusters,” with sentences up to seventy-five per cent off.

“I’m not surprised that people are going crazy for these bargains,” Dorrinson said. “Otherwise, you could go to trial and face one of those Obama judges.”

He said that Mueller’s Cyber Monday sale was benefitting from a piece of fortuitous timing, since it was being held on the same day that the former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos was scheduled to report to prison for a two-week sentence.

Everyone who goes on the site is looking for a Papadopoulos special,” he said. “Those were all gone in the first five minutes.”