Do we have a politics thread to discuss things political?


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A perfect result for Trump and his dwindling supporters. With the democrats controlling the house he can now shift the blame to them for his continuous failings.
He does anyway, especially the way he keeps bleating about Obama and Clinton. His failings are because of them, according to him. Nuh uh, you've concentrated less on what needs to be attended to and more on your supposed wins and bigly crowds and how bad the previous administration was. Now that the Democrats have the House, be prepared for some serious reckoning. As an aside, it would be very interesting to know what the outcome would be if voting was compulsory.
If they had compulsory voting rather than vote blocking - the Democrats would win EVERYTHING
There are far more Democrats, actually hugely more.
But a LOT of vote blocking in US, it is far from a real fair democracy

Poor people largely support democrats and getting to vote is very hard if you are one of the working poor, they cannot afford to stand inline for 5 hours.
I am quite shocked at how dismal the system in the USA is, they create all kinds of hurdles to voting, bizarre and very undemocratic


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Plus the young are less likely to vote, but would more likely vote Democrat if they had to.

Honestly I’m not sure if there’s anything about the US political system that would be an improvement over what we have here.

Well except it seems to be all fixed terms there. The idea that the government gets to choose when there’s an election is ridiculous.