Do we have a politics thread to discuss things political?


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Much more arguing on 7 than on the ABC.

This could turn out to be a bigger disaster for the Greens than it is for the Libs.


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Are you drunk @Affable ?????

LOL all the richy rich burbs have turned on Libs, BRIGHTON and SANDRINGHAM AND HAWTHORN,,,,,,, millionaire burbs
To be honest, I wish I was. I am just trying out the Inigo viewpoint of Americas politics. Plus, I am quite angry about something that I just fixed. So it's a mix of things.


Sorry to hear you are having a rough day by sounds of it
Hope things look up, I hope you aren't a Lib........just to clarify not critical of whatever your political choices are, but Libs are in pain.....know that feeling
But I am happy:) tonight


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Yeah, watching the same
It is starting to look like Labor will romp this in, Libs take note I think the entire country HATES you fuck-ups
I don't have much confidence NSW will vote in Labor in March, despite the Coalition being so shit for so long. Labor stuck with the insipid, useless Luke Foley for far too long (no idea why). He's gone now but they have not been a very convincing opposition at all.