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Do we have a politics thread to discuss things political?

…true… but what a way of proving their supremacy… and… we already know who is the most powerful between Russia and China… Putin doesn’t lol!… it would be hilarious to see the expression on Putin’s face if it happened!… oh that’s right… he’s had so many face lifts and Botox injections that we couldn’t… silly me forgot… cheers.
Ummm I think the sweetest victory would be having the Russian's throw Putin out themselves.

Considering the CCP already have Russia exactly where they want them to be there’s no reason for them to do anything just for the sake of doing it.
…China had all intentions of invading Taiwan and Putin decided to steal his thunder and invaded the Ukraine first thinking that he’d ‘Blitzkrieg’ them in a few days or a couple of weeks… unlike Hitler in WWII warfare doesn’t work like that in this day and age… for instance… tanks were the ‘wonder weapon’ of the day… now they’re more or less obsolete… mobile deathtraps… um… as I was saying… China then sat back and thought “let’s see what happens and how the World will react… will they all sit back and do nothing… or will they support the Ukraine?”… I bet even the Chinese were amazed at how much the World has reacted with sanctions etc… maybe it made China have second thoughts… I doubt that China would survive with so many sanctions and embargoes… I found this little snippet on Google asking ‘How much did China import in 2021?’…it stated that;…

approximately 2.069 trillion U.S. dollars

In 2021, China imported approximately 2.069 trillion U.S. dollars worth of goods. This indicated an increase in import value by about 30 percent compared to the previous year.

…that’s a big amount… perhaps China is asking themselves “is it all worth it?”… I seriously doubt it somehow lol!… cheers.
Ummm I think the sweetest victory would be having the Russian's throw Putin out themselves.

Considering the CCP already have Russia exactly where they want them to be there’s no reason for them to do anything just for the sake of doing it.

…again… so true… but those Chinese… who knows WHAT they’re thinking or capable of?… lol!… cheers

Hmmm oh yipee! Great! Well 2030 isn't all that long away now it's near the end of 2022 so we are basically going to almost cut emissions by half in just 7 years from now? Wow I wonder what great plans these 'leaders' have in store for us to get to this magic reduction in just 7 years? Get rid of and ban all fossil fuel powered vehicles?

Also anyone got their latest electricity or gas bill lately? I just received my gas bill and it's just under $600 for 2 months of gas usage! The bills are certainly rising as it states last year I was actually using a bit more gas than this year and the bill was cheaper last year! It's not really a shock but I think last year I didn't pay a gas bill that was higher than $500 in the winter months. So the bills are certainly rising this year!

The other day the government was talking up about this supposed 'trigger' that they can use to basically tell the energy companies that they have to guarantee the local supply first before they think about all the exports etc. Anyway all they have done is just given all these energy companies a 'warning' that if they don't comply then they will probably use this 'trigger' if necessary. From the way I see my own gas bill going these 'companies' need more than just a warning the price of gas is a complete joke! You know the whole reason so many households all had gas installed was because of how convenient and cheap gas was to use for heating and for cooking. Now it seems it's the complete opposite.

"Renewable energy is the cheapest form of energy, renewable energy is the key to reducing emissions and seizing theHere jobs opportunity that is the climate emergency"

Hmmm ok yep great well let me know when I will be getting my 'cheaper renewable' energy bills? Maybe possibly sometime after 2030? or maybe we will get 'cheaper renewable' energy bills from sometime after 2050? :rolleyes:
Here's something interesting from the Amish & their use of solar power
No they want to but never have had actual intentions in doing so. That said I think had Russia been more successful it would have increased the likelihood of an actual invasion. The CCP mostly exert power by throwing their weight around and puffing out their chest.

…I was just reading a great article written by a guy called Tanner Greer 4 years ago on SEPTEMBER 25, 2018… on this website…

…the headlines state…

Taiwan Can Win a War With China… Beijing boasts it can seize the island easily. The PLA knows better.​

…a snippet of the article says…

China has already ratcheted up economic and diplomatic pressure on the island since the 2016 election of Tsai Ing-wen and the independence-friendly Democratic Progressive Party. Saber-rattling around the Taiwan Strait has been common. But China might not be able to deliver on its repeated threats. Despite the vast discrepancy in size between the two countries, there’s a real possibility that Taiwan could fight off a Chinese attack—even without direct aid from the United States.

…it’s a helluva good read and you will be amazed with some parts of the article… I strongly urge everyone to read it… Taiwan could end up being China’s version of the Ukraine war… and perhaps even harder being that it’s an invasion over water and not land… and now… 4 years later with the USA starting to back Taiwan it may be even harder… such a good read… cheers.