Do we have a politics thread to discuss things political?


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I think I'm the only Yank, but needed to post this heartbreaking (and repeated) story of the children murdered in Texas. No other country has the death rate we do where children die the most from guns as teens. Here is a reason I'm a lifelong left, liberal Democrat opposed to these blood & money greedy Republicans grrrrrr
They only care about fetus in women's bodies, not children murdered by kids too young to buy a beer grrrr
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These messages have resurfaced, where Julian Assange encouraged Don Trump Junior to challenge a potential loss in the 2016 election (which ofc Trump Sr went on to win). Seems the Trumps took this advice on board for the loss in 2020. Assange is a horrible person for various reasons, but colluding with Putin to install and keep Trump in power is the worst. This isn't freedom of the press. It's probably treason.



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Hopefully Assange gets to go home to Australia. Imo you aren't a true leftist unless you support what Assange did in regards to Wikileaks.