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Dear Channel Nine...


How fabulous they threw out all the old shit......Dickie, the world's oldest trying hard to be a teen wanker with the rest of the rubbish

However, 9 will probably have shit replacements......Eddie everywhere, and all of those footy wankers

All the commercial stations make trash morning tv.....
..ABC makes a proper morning news program, with no wankers or fuckwits, just news and weather and current affairs, and actual journalists


Hooray for Press Gang!

Karl Stefanovic explodes in explicit Gold Coast airport rage
Ben Graham, The Advertiser

“Take your f**king camera and get out that f**king door, it’s f**king Christmas,” Stefanovic was heard yelling as he stormed over to the photographer.
“It’s Christmas Day and you’re taking photos on Christmas Day,” he said in the footage, as Yarbrough waits for the couple’s bags.
“Why are you shaking? Have you got some disease? Are you sick in the head? You got a s**t job. It’s Christmas day. Go home!”