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Big Brother 2020 production / schedule / format talk


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So what have we got from this video:
  • Sydney
  • Warehouses
  • Housemates building their own house
  • Housemates living in basics house
  • Footage of Melbourne for some reason
  • People stuffing their suitcases
  • That BBUSA contestant who became a huge meme
  • "Control the game" - unknown if it's directed at housemates or viewers
  • "Evict your friends" - almost certainly housemates
  • "Control. Evict. Win." - seems to suggest control is directed at housemates
  • Lots and lots of footage of BBUSA


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A) Prerecording will be disastrous... better to record a new show and label it differently
B) Exciting to see a clip, but as @Tim said pretty vague about a few things
C) BUT fairly sure it's going to be a variant of BBUS, which is not the social experiment I personally want to see
D) Warehouse, yes - Host, No (shame I wanted to see Gretski again)



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I'm so worried but excited at the same time, I like the interactive aspect but how the fuck is that going to work when you're filming three months in advance, unless they're filming it a la choose your own adventure and everything is reconstructed...
Where did you get the interactive aspect from that video? The control and evict parts refer to the housemates controlling the game and evicting each other. I don't think there will be any viewer interaction this series.


Lots and lots of footage of BBUSA
And weirdly it was all mostly footage from the 17th season three years ago.

Since it’s looking more and more like a format switch is in fact occurring, it will be interesting to see if it goes well if it encourages other countries to make the switch if their show is also currently dead.


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I don't mind how they decide to format it, I would be interested in seeing a US version or a variant, however, my only request is that it is live. If it isn't live I won't be nearly as excited/interested.


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(This is so awesome having bb back! I haven’t been here in years!)

Totally up for a US style season, I’m still watching all of the seasons.

whst I just can’t get my head around is the filming months in advance. I hope this isn’t true. Other than that, I’m just stoked we get another season next year!


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And as it seems on the schedule table that the show will be on 5 nights a week which hopefully means that we’ll get a solid mix of gameplay and old style Big Brother moments.


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I know there are many members here that love the game play aspect, and I’m happy for you all. But as a fan of the social experiment aspect, I’m severely disappointed.
The US version of the show MAY work here, who knows, but I really don’t think it will. I think a lot of Aussie fans of BB will be put off by it.
I personally won’t be watching a game-styled version of the show, nevertheless, I wish it well.


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Awwwwwwww man it’s great to be back. @Tim does a BB revival mean a BBB podcast revival?
perhaps if our voices are loud enough they’ll hear nobody wants the filming in advance bs:D


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Does anybody have a link to a single episode of BBUSA that they would point to as being the best example of the USA version ?

I'd like to dip a toe but don't want to watch a whole season just to get there. And yes, it may be difficult with just a single episode, but I'm more interested in the "look & feel" and production smarts.


Honestly, i was all against the switch to the US format. but if they can pull it off, it could actually be one of the best bb series. The upfront video actually looked alright. Good to see they are not copying the US completely, as they have an eye rather than the wording. For them to pull this off they must have viewer engagement and the social experiment aspect included, all three three can really complement each other if done correctly.

However, by them putting Big Brother in Q3/4, that would directly pit it against Survivor. It is very uncommon for two major networks to put two of the same type of shows on at the same time unless c7 isnt planning on solely focusing on strategy, which would be the ideal case. I really question their choice. I feel like survivor would overshadow a strategy bb/weaken it, especially with survivor just starting to build and will most likely continue to get bigger. They were better off going for Q2 imo.


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How likely is it for those job openings to be for Big Brother? Could it be for LEGO Masters or a different Endemol show?

For all we know, it could be in production live in Q3

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7UpFronts Video.

Get it while you can:

I’m a sucker for a promo that uses BB nostalgia so I do really love this... the first 40 seconds at least. The rest basically confirms the switch to the US format.

But more to the point, how has nobody mentioned the second title card yet?9 people entered a house”...umm, did somebody forget how to count......?!!! O_O