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Big Brother 2020 production / schedule / format talk


Wouldn't surprise me at all if most of the auditionees ended up on different endemol productions and they used this as an opportunity to cast other shows.

Scripted Reality-style TV seems like the way to go for most networks and productions houses, they just have to write some form of dialogue and use soundbites to make their script come to life - Seven, however, is terrible at it.
Why am I not surprised Channel 7.

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I think the show will begin April the 4th 2,020 Making it a Saturday evening show. (Similar time slot like what Channel 9 used to have (Hey hey it's saturday) But nothing won't be live. 4th or the 5th which is a Sunday. But don't expect much out of this show.. As much of the expectation goes with The block... The Survivor.... and so on it won't be nothing special knowadays. But will see about that. Maybe too much colorful show? I woudn't be too suprise if the show end's up been O it feels less Big brother show.
You're delusional if you think they're spending $20mil on a Saturday Timeslot. This isn't the 1980s.


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Meh.. This Big brother reality show is long gone and dead surely. It wasn't that much popularity after Gretel killeen left the show as a producer for Big Brother. Everyone knows if your a BB fan. Even worse made it on channel 9. No wonder why it didn't last long on 9. Now on channel 7 i believe this is the only once off chance. No good ratings and no one will bother spent millions of thrown out money on something that no one is going to even watch it. With the ratings that BB has gone thru it's no wonder ?

Many people are skeptical about Big brother show this time round... I do hear many people mentioning sure... i will watch it to start with but eventually you will end up (meh) about the BB show along the track. It happened to me.. I was skeptical still a fan of big brother don't get me wrong. You end up watching it when it first show on tv... you might watch it for a few days maybe for about 2 weeks straight... then you will notice that you might just forget about the BB show eventually and just do your usual things instead of just watching Big brother shows.

Like i said the BB is already dead since Gretel killeen left the show.. Maybe she could of stayed longer maybe the ratings could of stood positive for a little more longer.

Now you have Sonia ? previously from channel 9... In which again many people ain't a fan of her or how the show was done on channel 9. And to make it even worse she goes back as a producer but on channel 7. Just don't no what to say about this... I call this BB show is dead long ago. And the fact the show isn't live. You beg for it to be live stream online like it used to be on channel 10 years ago of BB show.. I think BB show was far the best back in the early 2000's just not nowadays.. People can just tune into other stuff contents else where as there is a open world of more programmes of other type reality shows instead of just good old Big brother show.

So don't expect too much expectations with this new Big brother show. When they say its going to be different it wont just be only focus on just Big brother show programme. Might just be a mix of something in between with big brother but sure won't just be just a 1 programme game show. It's like having The block with The Voice together merch into one reality mix show sort of thing. Can you just imagined that for Big brother show on some other type of reality with it? Sure wont be the same as what Big brother show used to be.

So meanwhile i wouldn't bothered too much with the show.. Sure i will watch it to see it might be good at the start day 1 but eventually the show might just be boring complete.

So what do you think guys and girls about what to expect for BB shows coming up on Channel 7 Australia ?
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