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Episode BBAU 2020 - Episode 8 Discussion (22 June)

Should Kieran be going home tonight?

  • Yes, He is really annoying.

    Votes: 42 70.0%
  • No, He is really cute.

    Votes: 6 10.0%
  • Hmm, He is a bit of both.

    Votes: 12 20.0%

  • Total voters
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May I get a link please?
A few have been mentioned verbally, some on a certain podcast that shall remain nameless on these forums. lol

But one link I can recall: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowb...ction-leave-host-Sonia-Kruger-speechless.html

I know it's the Daily Mail but this came from Angela, who also told the media last week she was targeting Ian and bringing Garth into the Bunker with her before it aired. So I believe there's some truth behind it. We still never saw the outcome from Kieran's "snake" comment onscreen - and probably never will.


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or they could just watch thirty seasons of survivor. the only difference between survivor and new!bb is that they get to live in a house on bb instead of outside in a tent

Oh, they don't get a tent. First season of 10s Aus Survivor people played like this: loyalty, decency, truth, good guys, etc.


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I've been enjoying the show but tonight the episode just felt off to me. I think the format is getting stale. I love survivor, but I don't watch big brother because I love survivor. I like watching interesting people put in interesting situations, that's why I watch it. There are 2 storylines I can identify: Angela vs the house and Chad and Sophie being in a relationship. Is nothing else really happening? Don't know a thing about Casey, Xavier, Shane and most others. Like who cares who goes? Don't get me started on the editing... You can tell who will be evicted from a mile away. Villain edit? Evicted.


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These people make themselves look like morons and luckily for us the public get to decide the winner 😂

Yeah but by the time we get a go all that's left in the lolly bag to choose from are the bananas.



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I dunno. I watched a couple of US seasons years ago, and from the moment the HMs entered the house during the launch they were trying to frm alliances. It was painful.

i'm rewatching series 7 now which is full of housemates who think "playing the game" is a pejorative (hayley and bodie have no less than three hysterical, crying arguments about it in the space of like ten days), which i remember annoyed me back in the day because of course they're all there to play the game and no sane person would lock themselves in a house for three months purely for "the experience". but the result of that kind of perspective is you get a show full of genuine friendships instead of alliances, and people who do not get along saying they do not get along because they can't be bothered trying to get people on side (emma vs almost everyone lol). and i prefer that to the strategy-obsessed focus we have now. it's just more authentic and you get a better sense of who these people are

Will McDougle

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A little banner just came up at the bottom of the screen during 9-1-1, which airs straight after BB, saying the "Girls take on Big Brother, tomorrow 7:30" with a picture of Sophie, Angela and Marissa.
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