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Episode Australian Survivor (2016) - Episode 5 Discussion


Btw, I didn't think Kylie wearing her idol at tribal council was a dumb move at all. She knew exactly what she was doing - she knew they knew she had it, and it unnerved them (especially Matt) enough that she didn't need to -play it. She's playing a solo game so why not embrace it? She's probably my fave at this stage (along with Craig) *

*and Phoebe because I have to say that


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Btw, I didn't think Kylie wearing her idol at tribal council was a dumb move at all. She knew exactly what she was doing - she knew they knew she had it, and it unnerved them (especially Matt) enough that she didn't need to -play it. She's playing a solo game so why not embrace it? She's probably my fave at this stage (along with Craig) *

*and Phoebe because I have to say that
She fired a shot across the bows of the others. I don't mind her either. Do you ever think about how you'd play the game as in going into alliances, telling truths, half truths, downright lies, keeping secrets if you find a clue etc etc?


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She did, didn't she. It was excellent to see.

Yes she did. She carried some planks.
I think she was the one telling them to tie the knots tightly. Good idea as trying to get a tight knot untied in a hurry isn't going to be easy and as they were behind in the construction aspect of it, it would hold people up.


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Loved the episode but hated the twist - even if it did make good television. The challenges were great and the drama set up nicely but tribal was so drawn out and really feel Aganoa have had their first victory wiped out. Would have been better had the twist been as I first understood it with the two people voted out going to Aganoa tribe. This twist just meant the two losing tribes ultimately won a couple of easy boots for the next tribal councils.

Must say though I do love the rocks tie breaker method - it's quite genious in a game of strategy to have that threat of a random elimination, plus the targets being safe.

Re: the Idols. I do think Survivor has overplayed that element in recent years but just seeking clarification on how they work. Are they declared before or after the vote (but before the reveal), and if after the vote is there a revote or does the person with the most votes excluding the idol winner go - so if the Idol winner is unanimously voted out they'd actually have the sole vote if they played their idol?

Pags is a pretty decent host. Big boots to fill and he's doing it his way.
Could have been a disaster in the wrong hands.
Imagine Larry Emdur snuffing your torch out.
Your involuntary reaction would be to belt him:D
He is doing a good job though they get far more involved than perhaps us Big Brother fans are used too where there is a clear disconnect between host and contestant.

P.S. Is Survivor the first show to have original Australian seasons on all three of the commercial networks?


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Usually the idols are played after the votes but before they are read. If the person who the idol was played for (you can play them for someone else) had any votes, those votes don't count.

In fact, Jeff will say as he counts them"does not count." So you are right if everyone voted for the idol holder, and they played the idol correctly before the votes were read, the idol holder would be the sole vote that counted.

Usually though, if the entire tribe or almost the entire tribe is voting for the idol holder, they try not to let them know, so they don't play the idol. People have gone home with two idols in their pocket because they thought they were safe.

The person with the most votes goes home.
If there is a tie, they go to those revote rules, but the person who the idol was played for is immune.

The strategy is usually to not let the other side know you have an idol. Once people know an idol is in play, it is not hard to split votes to work against it. The strategy is fairly simple but splitting votes(voting against two targets so one will go home even if an idol is played) can get complicated if alliances are shaky.

Idols have been shown before votes to intimidate (or try to intimidate)other players to not vote for you.
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Really silly to do this after not sending someone home yesterday. Two shows with no evictions.

Just my view. Have to see the episode but they still have too many people.

The best tag line for survivor is "who goes home tonight." That's what pushes the drama
Wait til you see the ep. Plenty of drama!


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The twist was pretty good but it was strange and open to the accusation that it was used at this point to save someone. Didn't the host say two were getting eliminated earlier in the episode, or did he word it ambiguously?

Also, though I root for the underdog woman with the idol it saved her from playing it the way it was done. And we never saw how others in her tribe approached her on the issue of who they wanted her to vote for. With a split in that tribe it should have opening things up more for her.

It did mean it was a less predictable ending at least. Although I was surprised Kylie wasn't the one with the most votes anyway. With the other tribe I fully expected Nick to get the votes as soon as they didn't get immunity, he was such an idiot with his tactics over the idol. And he's got an arrogant edit too, talking about himself like he's a great player. Everything was pointing to him getting voted out.

Barry though is just ridiculous, using chance in something which should be a game you play in. The older woman saying she didn't like Nick as he was playing the game was kind of silly too, it's a game. She should have said she was annoyed with him as he was playing the game badly. There's another guy who is doing the same approach as Barry talking about integrity and being nice to everyone, but it is a game and there are alliances, to ignore that just puts you on the sidelines even if you think some on the outside will like you more.

Liked the fake out music over not finding the idol, more unpredictable there than usual with the music prompt.

And when that tribe got their flint they went to cooking straight away. Again showing to me they must have been given water while they didn't have a fire.


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Why go on a show like Survivor if you're going to do what Barry did - that's far more insulting to those who didn't apply than Pete quitting was. If you're truly about integrity you would never risk your vote going to a friend of yours by leaving it up to chance - though of course "chance" led to him voting for Nick anyway.


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Nick's new tribe is going to hate him as much as the old one.
I think Connor is secretly in love with Sam.
If someone starts a Flick Hate Club I nominate myself as President.
Barry should just go the hell home. He spoke, and I wish he hadn't.
As Barrys' spokesperson (due to sweepstake duties) I think his game is to stay out of the politics n bullshit. Be his own man, make his own decisions. Where he went wrong was to say he was drawing the name out of a hat. It was a flippant statement, and no wonder people were getting shitty-poo cos I know I wouldn't want to go home cos of a random draw. I don't think he ever had the intention to randomly draw, just didn't want to spend hours n hours explaining/debating/schememing with others.

So, in summary, Barry should hush his mouth and just let his presence be felt til he is crowed the sole survivor :D

PS - I'll join your club!! Do we get badges?? :D


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OK so again Im a little late to watch and comment, but people here LIKED the
twist at tribal with the two man swaps?
Well I think it was very VERY premature, seeing as everyone even has a hard
time knowing who is in what tribe and names. They are there "12 days"
supposedly and keep on mentioning it as though they were told by production
to emphasize the 12 days (we dont really know, do we? it could be 9 or 10.. we
were shown 4 episodes that seem to occur over two days each so..)

Also - they made such a fuss over one member moving to the other tribe and
two seconds later he could casually choose himself another to tag along..

Nightime alien-blue-camera trickery: these are not infra cameras, and cameras make
light. Either wait till morning for them to talk about last night, or if its supposed to
be "in the moment" sit them next to the fire once its started. Seriously are we to
believe they are filmed in darkness? obviously they walk from tribal with torches
and lights and cameras. so why fake the "arriving in darkness" interviews.

Challenges: enough with the puzzles and group efforts.
Its time for some one against one strength/endurance comps.

Side note: Pig-tails barry - seriously come on man!? youre scaring the kids into
watching zumbo.
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