Everything must go as Big Brother sells up

Over 1000 items from the Big Brother house and studios are up for sale as items including the diary room chair, Gretel’s old sofa and even ninja outfits are set to go under the hammer.

Lloyds Auctioneers and Valuers have opened bidding on the “entire contents” of the house, giving fans and bargain hunters alike just under a week to snap up a huge range of items with over 500 lots currently on offer.   Not only is it a chance for Big Brother fans to own something that was actually in the house, or at least in an office about 300m away, there is the potential for some Big Bargains too.

The most recent diary room chair is currently attracting a bid of $310, while other fixtures and fittings up for grabs includes the lounge sofas, the dining chairs and even the outfits warn by the ninjas.

If you can’t convince yourself to splash out on some memorobilia, the auction is offering some bargain prices on everyday items, including a range of televisions, with a 50 inch model currently valued at $111, all of the housemates beds – which including bedding are currently attracting bids of around just $10, while mobile phones are up for auction at just a few dollars for two or three.   There is no indication if any reserve price has to be met.

Task items including a giant remote control, Christmas stockings (with the names of housemates) and Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down props are also up for grabs, alongside office desks and chairs plus some relics from the early years including Gretel’s lip couch from Uncut.

The auction is online only and closes on the 14th September at 14:00, with the goods to be collected from Foxwell Road, Coomera, by the 23rd September.

More information and discussion can be found on the Behind Big Brother forum, while take a look at the items for yourself and the auction details at the Lloyds website.




30 thoughts on “Everything must go as Big Brother sells up”

  1. Its such a shame and sad to see no big brother show on australian television. And yet australia is the youngest people around and shows like this would imagine that it be still on.

    Channel 9 has ruined it and everyone knows that they klept changing the reality show into a more of a working show just like the block. Big brother show should and was meant to let them watch what they do by themselfs. Not give them task constantly. BB show was pretty damn good on network ten australia (channel ten)

    It sounds to me that since channel 9 is now giving up big brother. Big brother show was only seem to be temporary base on channel 9. It wasn’t design to keep going but only a temporary welcome back but channel 9 took over. It seems that maybe just maybe if im not mistaken channel ten will bring back big brother show finally and exclusive as well you may be well suprise with the up late shows and the friday and saturday night bb game shows. I believe channel ten has some secrets in which not youc an even find that out. However i can just imagine behind big brother knowing it all early 2016 where you may end up hearing that channel ten is brining back big brother show in 2017 with the first special programe of big brother in 2016. I do have a strong feeling channel ten is up for something.

    There for channel 9 can not continue as a rule. Ch9 was a temporary base for the show. I believe channel ten is now making plans but those plans are yet to come forward to believe such evidence. And so i do hope Behind big brother will keep us very well inform. You will indeed remember this what i wrote.

    And im yet complete suprise with thousands and thousands across australia big brother fans and yet no one has even posted anything in here. Im just suprise by that. I just hope the no one will ever say booring big brother. Because if you are a fan im sure you will never say that. But look at it this way channel 9 big brother was terrible done and didn’t felt like it was big brother show. This is why there was a time when everyone said this:

    Bring back the original big brother like it used to be. With live webcams on demand. Uplate shows live and exclusive. Bb game shows live and non of that making each housemate continue to do task constantly.

    Think of big brother 2001 australia how good it was it was so original that even the theme to the song of big brother is allways on my mind.

    Enjoy what is about to happen to channel 10. I have a feeling it is where it will return. And you will be well suprise about that believe it or not. Stay tune.

  2. Believe it or not i believe channel ten is up to something at this stage, but yet in early days in discussion on the return of big brother show where it used to be. This is why i think channel 9 has no show for us to see in 2015 without notice. I believe bb show was only temporary on channel 9 until channel ten gets back to reality check. Believe me ? wait and see what behind big brother update news will tell you in the next 5 to 6 months time.

    Since channel 9 can’t make up bb very well due to more of interest on the rugby matches and what not. Channel 10 has some experience to the show preview years. So i do have a feeling channel 10 will bring it back. After all there was a time when the show was axe but that does not mean the show will never come back. Which im sure it will return just like any memory lane programs of the past and or present.

  3. Hi i agree with you kevin. I am also suprise that there has been no post by any bb fan for the last few days or weeks when this update news was posted. And considering you would think there are thousands of bb fans perhaps checking places like behind big brother website. Unless they all focus on the actual bb official website.

    Sounds pretty much about right. I believe channel 9 did made a temporary welcome to big brother. So more like channel 9 took over just temporary until channel ten gets back on thier feets and all sorted out. Since channel ten axe the show with no question ask.

    So it might be true that big brother is actually returning back to its original place on channel ten. But theres a problem… whats happening at the Big brother house is it still there or theres nothing there ?

    Maybe they are going to re-design everything even the back stage control area. Perhaps a much bigger big brother house with a much more big brother housemates. Who knows.

    Maybe channel ten is considering of getting the show back but not until 2017. This is why maybe they are going to re-design the while big brother hosue which includes the control rooms and also the big brother stage arena and everything a more wider view.

    If that is true. They are currently on the way doing so. So until 2017. Lets hope big brother returns with announcements to be spread out to bb fans by at least mid 2016 with the developments.

    If non of that is like what i believe.. It is sad to think there will not be another bb australia anytime soon. Like we all say there will always be a come back big brother show here in australia but that could be maybe next year.. maybe in 2 years maybe in 5 or 10 or 30 years time. Just like any show theres always a comeback. Sometimes a special comeback or a temporary or permament to stay. There will always be a big brother show here in australia (one day) that does not mean it will return next year or in 5 or 10 or 15 years time. But it will return. Considering life span on planet earth has yet aprox 4 billion years left to survive :) Unless television dies.

    Big brother UK and Big brother Spain are one of the best and on going programes. in fact i was watching Big brother spain online and they actually have live stream cam only if you sign up and what not via channel 5 (tele5 spain) (Grand hermano) which means Big brother. So those countries are pride yet with big brother show. I was watching it the other night and it reminded me the version of big brother 2002 australia version.

    Which is nice to see something diferent. So behind big brother tell us fans what will you do now with behind big brother website if big brother australia is axe for the next 10 to 15 years ? I mean keep on a look out because i think channel ten has some good secrets in which they might even return big brother back to channel ten. You be amaze if gretall comes back as well.

  4. Oh my god. They could be like re-designing the house for Big Brother All Stars with every previous winners from 2001-2014…

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