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Celebrity Big Brother plans axed … all BB traces removed from CH9 website

And Mavroidakis gets himself out of there

17 July 2015

Posted by marquisite

It was all systems go, go, go for a Celebrity Big Brother reboot but now Channel 9 says no, no, no!

As reported previously back in April, Channel 9 were at the time in advanced planning stages for a celebrity edition of Big Brother, getting as far as casting. The most sound confirmation of this was Perez Hilton himself stating that he was contacted to appear on Celebrity Big Brother Australia during a KIIS100.1 interview on June 26th.

But all that has been for nothing with Channel 9 since pulling the pin on Big Brother. Nine Entertainment Co (parent company of Channel 9) have instead removed all traces of Big Brother from their online presence suggesting they have given up on the show … for now. There have been reports that Channel 9 have instead decided to resurrect Celebrity Apprentice. The latest report comes from the Herald Sun, today:It is not clear when Channel 9’s Big Brother contract lapses – the above Herald Sun article suggests this might be some time in 2016. But even if the rights were to expire right now and another network was to be interested in the format, there is no chance for getting a Big Brother 2015 series into production this late in the year.

Channel 9 do have a history of resting and reviving formats, like Australia’s Got Talent (last produced in 2013 and returning 2016). Even if Big Brother stays on Nine the hiatus could be good for the format. It all depends on whether the powers that be use this time to evaluate what makes Big Brother … Big Brother.

imaceleb2016_nMeanwhile, Channel Ten have renewed I’m A Celebrity: Get Me Out Of Here! for a second season, to air in 2016. According to TV Tonight, the African setting will be back, as will hosts Julia Morris and Dr Chris Brown. But there are changes afoot, including a new Executive Producer.

After the shock departure of original BBAU producer Peter Abbott from I’m A Celebrity in the final weeks of the last series, it comes as a surprise to read that Alex Mavroidakis is once again following in Peter Abbotts footsteps, this time taking on the I’m A Celebrity Executive Producer role in 2016 (source: LinkedIn).

This raises a question – if Big Brother does return in 2016 who will fill the role of Executive Producer?

Thanks to the Theorist for the Herald Sun article.

  • Miki

    With Alex taking over, “I’m A Celebrity” WON’T be back in 2017! Hasn’t Channel 9 learnt after he completely destroyed the so called Channel 9 version of “Big Brother”?

  • Brekkie

    To be fair it was Channel 9 more than Alex who ruined the latest series – network execs thought they knew better than people who’d been with the series since the early days at Ten.

  • Look, as much fun as the Tim Dormer season of BB was down there in Australia (and honestly….it’s one of my absolute favorite seasons of BB any year, in any country, on any continent, and I watch AU, UK, CA and US obviously), it was a total fluke and the 9 format for BB was/is a complete disaster. Put in simplest terms, Big Brother is NOT family friendly…period. It’s not intended to be, nor is it broadcast as such anywhere other than in Australia.

    I mean seriously, if you’ve absolutely got to go for family friendly as far as lack of nudity and bleeped foul language (or as normal people refer to it…language), then the US or at the very least the Canadian format is ideal and frankly the most successful format. Cutthroat, vicious, backstabbing, plotting, scheming, alliance forming and busting at every turn…basically throwing a house full of human buzzards in to circle around and then tear and shred into each weeks fresh kill.

    Don’t have a problem with conservative halfwit bible thumpers in your country and embrace the ACTUAL realities of life? GREAT! Then go with the UK approach to Big Brother….basically cast the show by throwing a net in the shallowest part of the gene pool, scoop up the sick that floats to the surface and throw it into the Big Brother house. Then wait to see how long until someone (or 4 someones at once) take their clothes off, while simultaneously calling other housemates a fat slag bitch, miserable c**t, f***ing whore or something equally colorful…right before getting insanely drunk, throwing all of the food in the house everywhere IN the house, then trashing the place for good measure before bolting through the BB staff doors and running the halls like zombies and chasing down the camera crew. Now THAT’S Big Brother folks….that’s Big Brother.

    As fun as Tim Dormer’s season was on 9, that isn’t something that’s going to be recreated very easily and was STILL only good because of a freakish mixture of really, really cool people (and pretty….let’s not forget Matt in those almost nonexistent underwear of his….damn that was sweet). It was NOT because it was particularly interesting TV. What you guys had with Big Brother down in Australia was awesome…until the prudes shut it down after season 6. So she got an up close look at the dudes dick….boo hoo…no reason to cry and destroy the format of a great show, and that’s EXACTLY what killed your version of Big Brother. Total shame.

    Give it back to Ten. It’s been like ten years since the penis scandal and we’ve all grown up and (hopefully) become much less ‘conservative’ about things like nudity and young people behaving like actual honest young people. Throw up a UKish disclaimer to get little Betty and Johnny safely tucked in bed, then bring back the bouncing tits, flopping dicks, foul mouths blazing, and everyone in it for the ride, the fun, the fights, maybe some sex, and definitely a good time. This is Big Brother after all….not Sesame Street.

  • Double

    The ‘Girls Gone Wild’ Big Brother you describe is not for every country, mind you. The UK may eat it up, but their standards are also set quite low.

    I can already hear my wife ranting and raving over some girls’ tits unnecessarily bouncing all over the place. It not only looks ridiculous for primetime, the times have also changed. If people want sex, they’re gonna get on PornHub.

    I see no issue with provocation/language/sex, but only if its done naturally and is within a certain reach of taste. Forcing rats into a home, tasked with the sole purpose of acting like a bunch of heathens, is just stupid.

  • Actually the point is that indeed, it IS for every country I’m afraid. What you are describing isn’t Big Brother (sort ’bout that). Proof is simple…your country went, very unsuccessfully for 3 seasons, YOUR way….and failed miserably. So in fact my description IS the only winning one. Every other country in Earth that has tho show does it the way I described…and it’s still airing EVERYEHERE. Your way? Only one that has failed. So….sorry but it’s really not up for debate lol, proof’s in the pudding! But don’t fear, the remote control does in fact still work and nobody is forcing you to watch. But no…times have most certainly NOT changed and for most of us nudity is not something to cause panic and fleeing from the room. Cheers.

  • Jo Jo

    Why doesn’t channel 9 ask US, the viewing audience, what we want from Big Brother. By this I mean: what style of house do WE want; what age groups do WE want in the house; what type of people do WE want in the house; what type of games, chores, challenges would WE enjoy watching, etc, etc. And then maybe they would have a bigger and more enthusiastic audience than ever before. Just a thought.

  • Jo Jo

    So true Brekkie, aint it a shame they can’t see the woods for the trees.

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