Sonia talks Celebrity Big Brother

In a phone interview yesterday with KIIS 1065’s Kyle and Jackie O, Sonia Kruger speaks out about rumoured Celebrity Big Brother.

Big Brother Eye, StarredKruger reveals that Celebrity Big Brother “is still being talked about” and that “they are kind of looking at the casting” comprising of some “big international names”. Kruger is also adds that the Channel Nine 2015 schedule is “is pretty packed” and if they did do Celebrity Big Brother it would “be a slightly shorter run”. Celebrity Big Brother last aired in Australia in 2002 running for just 24 days.

Also discussed was the possibility of a regular Big Brother season returning this year but that appears unlikely with Kruger describing Channel Nine “haven’t even gotten to that” and “it is turning out to be a busy year”.

This is not the first round of Celebrity Big Brother speculation but it is the first encompassing the Big Brother/Channel Nine camp. A clip of the relevant part of the Kyle and Jackie O show has been conveniently embedded:

Full show: Kyle and Jackie O Show #271 via KIIS 1065 on Soundcloud (Sonia on from 53min point)

Meanwhile, Katie Price, has taken to Twitter to deny the speculation around her being an Australian Big Brother housemate. This rumour has been circulating in newspapers locally and abroad (Sunday Telegraph, The Courier Mail and The Sun – UK) and is believed to have developed in response to Price’s previous announcement of 3-month Australian stint later this year via a cross on The Morning Show, as reported previously.

Price’s ex-partner Peter Andre has also reportedly been contacted about appearing on Celebrity Big Brother Australia but a spokesperson has responded saying “he declined the offer”, according to British magazine OK!. The important detail here is the confirmation that Channel Nine are making efforts to shortlist a cast for a possible second series of Celebrity Big Brother Australia.

And finally, Dreamworld’s parent company Ardent Leisure has recently been advertising a full-time job vacancy for a Promotions Executive. One of the responsibilities of this role is to “Assist with ticketing for consumer events and Big Brother“.


At this time there has been no official word from Channel Nine confirming or denying the Celebrity Big Brother speculation.

11 thoughts on “Sonia talks Celebrity Big Brother”

  1. I am interested… a good way of revamping a show that has seemingly running out of ideas. As expected, D-list names will be cast; but hey, it worked for I’m a Celebrity. Prediciting: Patti Newton, Deanna Jolly, perhaps Shaynna Balze?

  2. There is no need for a Celebrity Big Brother, I’m A Celeb has that covered! Get back to original Big Brother without the pre-celebrities

  3. This is true, although it would be fun to have Big Brother back even for a short period of time.

  4. Its half the year now. And no one seems to be talking much about big brother or it is some how slowly disapearing like never before. Celebrity big brother was boring. Less ratings. Again channel 9 is doing it all wrong. They want big brother and now it seems they want now bb celebrity… Make your mind up channel 9. I think this tv channel has issues just like every year round. All they care is spent on live rugby matches. Then you have bb being interupted by live matches and then suddently fridays no big brother at all without even letting fans now what is happening… Since channel 9 took over bb show.. the show has gone way downgraded. In another words.. the big brother show doesn’t feel like it is anymore. It looks more fake and almost as if we are watching just quick highlights bits of things instead. Channel ten did a sensational job. Channel 9 does not no how to make the real bb show. But at least they did bring it back but felt that the bb show was more like a the block sort of thing with constantly targets to do. Bring back the original bb show. And by the looks of things big brother wont begin until march 2016 is more then likely to happen. Big brother celebrity may be short so that will be in October this year. From there applications are open for the big brother show last week in march… exactly how big brother used to be at in the month.

  5. Wait a minute. Who is lieing now ? Didn’t they plan on a big brother celebrity and how much everyone talked about it and even sonia had to go to a radio station tot alk about this new so what bb celebrity ? Now what ? was that all a waste time of faulty news or just a lie ? Just i don’t get it how they all mention it and plan to do it and suddently its like they not going to do it or they cancel it. Which is wierd. If they where to know they where to cancel it.. Then what was the point in creating news about a big brother celebrity comming soon… Its just pointless. I always say don’t speak out and wait until you know whats comming without making maybe this and maybe that.

    I beleive channel ten is bringing back big brother show but not until 2017. This is why bb show was only temporary done on channel 9 as a take over for the mean time until channel ten gets back to reality check.

    This is why i also believe the big brother property has to be taken down and re-design the inture while property even the control rooms and next stage is to re-design the while big brother arena a much more indoor enviroment area and even wider too.

  6. there is no such a short period of time. if bb celebrity was to return. it be more of a proper long big brother programe until the end. And not a short period of time. I believe channel ten is going to take over bb in 2017. This is why what we see on channel 9 was only a took over temporary for big brother to continue to survive some how but not to be forgotten. I believe the bb house are to be distroy and re-design even the control rooms and the bb stage arena to be re-design comeplete more of a indoor environment area.

    I personally getting old and as i am getting older i am more irritated for the fact that i kept saying BRING BACK BIG BROTHER and bring it better this year… Ive been doing this since channel ten axe the show ever since.

    But the bad news is.. bb show is already ruined because there is no longer a number. Or a proper number. UK and Spain big brother continues to be a pretty popularity show and they do continue with numbers without axe the show. Lucky them countries.

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