Celebrity Big Brother tipped for later this year

Nine are reported to be scouting for stars for a revived version of Celebrity Big Brother, tipped to air later this year.

large_size_CBB_640x360According to UK newspaper The Sun the most recent winner of the UK’s celebrity series, model and reality star Katie Price, has been approached about appearing in the series, along with controversial Katie Hopkins, who also appeared in the series.

Big Brother had been tipped to be out of the schedules completely following lacklustre ratings last year and Nine commissioning two series of The Block plus Renovation Rumble, which also featuring stars from House Rules.   Nine have also announced The Hot Plate, a new stripped food reality show while host Sonia Kruger has been confirmed as joining The Voice, which is already in production and usually premieres in April or May.

However following lacklustre numbers for the current series of The Block, plus the relative success of I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! for Ten, which although not a breakout hit did have numbers similar to the latest run of Big Brother, Nine are now said to be considering the shorter Celebrity Big Brother to air later in 2015.

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UPDATE: In a recent morning tv interview, Katie Price has announced that she will be moving to Australia for a 3-month period beginning in June so that she can pursue an unnamed project. Whether this project shares any connection to the Celebrity Big Brother Australia speculation is unknown. Katie did however query whether Celebrity Big Brother existed in Australia during this interview.



9 thoughts on “Celebrity Big Brother tipped for later this year”

  1. I remember watching the celeb version of BB back in 02, it was pretty good. I do wonder how channel 9 will pull it off though? I hope it goes well, much better than last years BB, I also can’t wait to see who will take the place as host.. So happy Sonia will no longer be host, maybe Mike Goldman will take her place for now?

    – BTW this is miamiBRICE & I’d just like to remind everyone on the forum that I am still watching, the moderators had nothing to do with my banning, it was the hacker. The hacker had blocked my IP to the forum late last year and had been targeting my FORUM BIG BROTHER thread. If anybody is reading this please, this is the only way I can get in contact with the forum.. I have sent numerous messages and comments to the BBBA team but still no response. I’d really like my account back, thank you.

  2. Yea how can CHANNEL 9 do Celebrity BBAU?? Especially with the things that have been going on in the past 3 seasons of CBB (Jan ’14, Summer ’14, Jan ’15) and the drama that occurred inside that house. Like all 3 of those seasons were not family friendly BUT especially with this years CBB, not family friendly but HIGH ratings…

  3. Yeah they had a CBB in Australia once, back on channel ten in 2002. The
    UK Big Brother seem to be continuing their tradition of BB quite well,
    while Australian BB has had a roller coaster ride these days in terms of
    ratings and many complaints due to the way channel nine and the
    producers are treating the show. However like always I will continue to
    watch the show whenever it begins even though its had its downfalls the
    last couple of years. Interesting to see which celebrities channel nine
    will shovel into the house if this rumor is true.

  4. Me too. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be tuning in on BBAU/Celebrity. I personally prefer the international versions of BB even though I live in the US. I watch BBUK, BBAU, and BB Philippines. BB Philippines is the first BB series I watched then in 2013 I checked out BBAU which in my opinion, the BEST BBAU season. I’m just really curious how channel 9 will be able to pull off a Celebrity version. Should I check out Celebrity BBAU on YouTube? Was it as good as CBB UK? Like that’s the problem I’m having with the idea of channel 9 doing Celebrity BBAU. For it to be a success, A TON of controversy/drama that isn’t family friendly. That’s how CBB this year got its attention.

  5. um no. you got banned for having multiple accounts. don’t try to spin it any other way.

  6. How dare you assume that I am trying to make up fibs, for all I know you could be the hacker speaking to me right about now. If not than obviously you do not know the full story, I understand my eddy04, Flowerz1n & Gama accounts used ONLY for the FORUM – BIG BROTHER thread were banned however the moderators let me continue on the site with my original miamiBRICE account.

    Late last year the hacker (The Hulk) had tracked down my IP to the forums and had basically blocked me from access, leaving rumors to the many participants of my thread. At the start of this year after the BBBA team had began to recover the site, I logged back into my account and that was until a few days after, the hacker had been stalking my social media profiles under a fake name and begun making threats towards myself, my friends and the forum which then led to my forum account being banned by The Hulk as he spied on my activity on the forums.

    The hacker had even revealed his/her plans towards me which leads to full proof that this being was involved in all of this, he had banned MY account, he even revealed to me that he banned Lavenders account as well, right inside of my private chat box on MY social media profile.

    I don’t understand why this person would even do this, he claims to have been doing it since 2010, he is a hypocrite, a disgrace to the forums and the many members here. All I wish for is my account back and Lavenders, that is all I wish for…

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