Big Brother missing from Nine’s 2015 lineup

Channel Nine’s parent company Nine Entertainment Co. have released a “sneak peak” of their 2015 lineup and Big Brother is not on the list.

Nine use the 2015 preview to pimp out their stats and grab the attention of media buyers who purchase advertising space. The sneak peak confirms The Block and The Voice will make a return, along with a new reality show Married at First Sight. Nine’s drama shows House Husbands and Love Child are also being renewed.


Like this article to dislike Channel Nine’s treatment of Big Brother.

The sneak peak goes on to promote Nine’s other sport and online offerings but Big Brother is missing in action.

In an accompanying video Big Brother does make a brief appearance but only as part of a promo for the Jump In website and it’s not listed as an upcoming show in 2015. Jump In’s statistics wouldn’t be nearly as high without the traffic Big Brother drives.


Channel Nine initially signed a three year contract when Big Brother rebooted and this is the final year. The constant rescheduling and cancellation of episodes has also put the show’s future in doubt.

Media analyst Steve Allen recently told News Corp he didn’t think the show would be axed because it was part of a wider strategy for Nine to bring in younger viewers. Nine’s traditional loyal audience is getting older and will eventually die off.

Either way, if Big Brother is coming back next year Channel Nine no longer think it’s worthy of being a flagship show.

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44 thoughts on “Big Brother missing from Nine’s 2015 lineup”

  1. I’m guessing Sonya will have a year off and Big Brother will most likely return in 2016. This season will go down as the worst season ever I’ve struggled to keep watching

  2. It has already been off air for four years (2009, 2010 and 2011)

    Take it back Ten. Don’t let Nine get their hands on it again.

  3. Would they make any anoucement before the season finishes . But I’m not expecting it back really. unless theres big changes like a new location

  4. This season tanked because of the couples idea and not being thought out properly start to finish. The public isnt stupid and notices when a show’s format changes and it being ‘made up as we go along”. every week the “twists” got more far fetched. the booth voting disappeared (why?). everything became a joke – oh heres some last season contestants to “help” you.. wtf? why? they got too nervous to early and threw everything in.. and that just made this season A SAD SAD JOKE.

  5. big changes should be doing a BB celeb (vip) season, a male-female models season, or experiments and other gimics used in other countries’ formats to try to jump-start it again

  6. Even if Big Brother does bring in younger viewers, I doubt Nine would be able to overlook such poor total viewer numbers. Nine could get the same ratings + demos from Big Bang repeats. If it did return, it would need a complete rebrand.

    Big Brother is failing this year because it is heavily edited and there is not enough serious or compelling content to connect with viewers. This is evident in the nominations shows where the HMs start talking about issues that we’ve never seen or heard of before. This could definitely be fixed and still fall within a PG rating.

  7. First year ever I have stopped watching. Gave up about a month ago. Housemates are unrelateable, unlike able and mostly just people already in the entertainment industry. I also morally refused to watch somebody openly cheat on a long term partner night after night. Made me sick and turned me off the show completely.

  8. A models season is essentially what we have now — or at least a star search season.

    What we need is a season where not every contestant has a profile on Star Now and who the public can genuinely believe are everyday Australians.

  9. Not in the slightest surprised, unfortunately producers of the show are losing their cool with casting shitty housemates and making things over dramatic. Bring back old BB!! :(

  10. In the U.S. it’s common knowledge that if a network moves time slots for a show more than once, it’s actually trying to reduce the number of viewers and thereby make cancellation easier. They call it “killing a show.” Few survive. BB fans must be a determined lot not to have given up by now. Haha Nine!

    As for the show, I think it’s very good..but imagine if instead of Aisha, they had cast another person like Priya? Not as sexy to a 20 year old boy perhaps, but there would have been someone with a brain for her to interact with. They overweighted the kids in the cast and there are no guys in their 30s or older, no females older than about 31… So they are all dealing with exploding hormones? Surprise surprise! And now they get rid of 4 housemates (probably Cat and Priya–then they will just have 3 nights a week of watching make-out sessions–and bring in 4 more kids (one technically is 31, but other kids thought she was “10.”

    I sure feel like there are new people working on editing the show and they are jumping all over, not giving us what they spend an episode or a week moving toward or promising–we saw little of the radio shows and they showed Cat and Lawson 3 times on successive shows, suggesting the next show would explain, then they dropped it completely, then brought it back (the old footage!) several days later!–after not mentioning it again. What a mess. The editor, not the show. Hire back the one from 2012…

  11. If you like correcting spelling and grammar, youtube should give you orgasms of delight. Check it out ;)

  12. Surely BB is coming back, how about a BB all stars show? The best past HMs vying for the ultimate BB player

  13. They need to put it to bed for longer than that and actually PLAN the f***ing thing for once instead of just winging it like they have been…

    Give BB back to the adults… kids don’t need to watch a social experiment… they need to do their homework and then play video games like normal children… who’s moronic idea was it to aim it at “families” anyway?

  14. When Skye wins the series, it will truly be a good time for Big Brother to say goodbye because it will show how downhill BB has become.

  15. I stand to be corrected, but I believe BB wasn’t included in the initial line-up announcements for 2014 either. We had to wait for Nein & Endemol to do the serious number crunching before a decision was made. I for one hope it survives, & hope for a MAJOR overhaul!

  16. Remember when BB used to be about the housemates just being awesome and having good conversation? There is no substance anymore. There are no real people. Everything is is just fluff. Shame…

  17. Very disappointing season! I love BB and this year has been such a let down! Extreme changes to format has left the show with little entertaining content. As mentioned below, heavily edited with references and flash backs to things we have never even seen happen. No live updates or adult content. Boring selection of contestants with a limited range of personalities. The public want to see real people with a range of ages from young to mature age. The contestants this year were chosen for their looks more than anything and all around the same age. Hopefully the creators get the message and create something better for next year!

  18. Give bb a chance next year (thinking of going for it) if u are going to axe something axe a currrent affair that comes up with more bull than bb ever did

  19. Big brother has to stay!! It’s entertaining and they can’t shut down such a great show that millions of Australian watch! Like this if u agree!

  20. what they really need to do is put back big brother on channel 10 and then bring back Gretel plus the old set and shows like FNL UPLATE UNCUT

  21. this show is for Adults forget the dam kids move it to 10pm that will solve the Children problem just do like other channels do show it after 10pm then there is much much less editing that has to be done any child up that late watching TV means there parents dont care about what they view and yes please stop winging it and please leave in all the Adult material since its after 10pm

  22. I think network ten should buy bb from nine because unlike channel 9 ten knows what there doing and if nine want to bring in younger viewers put it in a earlier time slot

  23. 9 Needs To bring back
    – UpLate
    and all the other shows they had

  24. I hope this show doesn’t come back all, these shows are now a bust – thankgod we have 7two gem etc and we are not forced to watch rubbish anymore get rid of all these shows

  25. Nine needs to bugger off, they did more damage to it than that loser Kyle and his sidekick chick did in destroying it on Ten. Nine decided who saw what therefore deciding who the public should like love or hate, no streaming means scripted actors, because we dont know the real story. not only was Kruger the wrong host, no friday night games and reduced coverage meant, it was a waste of time, BB on nine was almost like watching days of our lives with paid actors.

    SC Endomol need to talk to Ten to pick it up again, and return to how Ten used to run it, including streaming, heck, even put adds in at start of streaming if they want, and maybe every 30 mins or so, and although she’s aged a lil bit, Grettle and Mikey are still the best hosts, they knows how to talk to and handle live audiences, unlike the current host and that jackass sandilands ( I’m sure we all remember the highest ratings of that series was when he was ill or away doing whatever)

  26. All this would not have happened if politics and the goverment didnt butt in an control on what we watch on television. The moment they started restrictions (Getting rid of BB Uncut) on the program the audience level dropped, then died. This had been there goal all along. Network TEN did alot better the Channel NINE. If the kept the same concept of BB, it would be around today just like the US and UK.

  27. I agree GIVE IT BACK TO TEN for christs sake. Channel 9 aren’t getting ANY good reviews in my opinion so they should give it back to ten because ten do a WAY better job than nine!!!

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