Bookies backing Boog and Drew to be dumped

Tight cross to the finish line

Boog and Drew have been chosen as favourites to be kicked out of the house in Monday night’s semi final double eviction.

But the odds have been swaying; Boog and Jade were originally the double eviction pick, but after Ed’s endorsement of Jade as his desired winner of the series, Drew is in the firing line.

At the time of posting this story the eviction odds with Centrebet are:

  • Drew – 1.03
  • Boog – 1.14
  • Jade – 2.50
  • Tim – 6.50
  • Tahan – 8.00

But who will win the series? The odds are so close!

Despite Tahan’s well connected and cashed up boyfriend’s efforts, the bookies are still backing Tim to win, with Tahan coming in second place. Interestingly, even though Jade is safe from eviction Monday night according to the eviction odds, she’s not at all likely to be a winner or runner up. The odds are:

  • Tim – 1.80
  • Tahan – 2.30
  • Drew – 8.00
  • Jade – 10.0
  • Boog – 21.00

You still have until this evening 5.30pm to place a bet in either pool.

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