The Big Eviction: Who will go?

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It’s the biggest eviction of the series so far but will Tim’s gamble pay off?

Well, according to Centrebet odds he’s as safe as he thinks he is and as the rank outside for eviction is the least likely to go.   Favourite to be evicted is Caleb, followed by Tully and Ed.

The full odds for this weeks eviction:

  • Caleb  1.8
  • Tully 3.5
  • Ed 5.5
  • Jade 6.0
  • Tahan 9.0
  • Tim 34.0

In a shift from the previous betting post, Tim is now the new favourite to win, with Ben slipping back to 2nd place.  Amazingly, Heidi is the female with the shortest odds to win – despite most people on our forums seem to think once she is nominated she will be evicted at the first attempt.

  • Tim 3.0
  • Ben 4.5
  • Drew 5.5
  • Matt 8.0
  • Ed 10.0
  • Caleb 11.0
  • Heidi 13.0
  • Katie/Lucy 17.0
  • Tahan 21.0
  • Mikkayla 26.0
  • Jade 34.0
  • Tully 34.0


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