Mike Goldman stuffs up on Twitter, gets thrashed by Tully’s ex, twitter fight ensures

Fails social media 101

Oops, Mike Goldman really blew it on Twitter this afternoon after claiming Tully’s mum would be appearing on the Monday night eviction show.

As Tully explained in her introduction video earlier this season, her mum has late stage alzheimer’s and thus would not be fit answer questions on a national TV show.

Goldman, who provides the voiceover for the daily shows and runs crowd warmups during evictions was then savaged by Tully’s ex Tahlia, who said Big Brother was slipping in their duty of care. This created a twitter storm.

Goldman initially tweeted “Questions for Tahan, The Sugar Sisters and Tullys mum on tonight’s show? @bbau9 #bbau #bbevictee” (now since deleted).

The conversation continued:


Other tweets (since deleted) included:

“#bbau is the most poisonous, evil bullshit that has ever been created. Not sorry.”

“I am not talking about Tully and I, I am talking about a team of people with a duty of care being complete idiots.”

A Team Tully account jumped in:


This also prompted an apology from Mike Goldman:


But the Twitter world was already in a spin and brought out some evictees from this year’s season into the brawl:



Now that Tully is out of the house, she can give them all some social media advice, since Big Brother has been promoting her as a Social Media Expertâ„¢?

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