Home Stretch: What we know of Big Brother 2013

Just over 3 weeks till launch!

With just 23 days left until the Launch Show, it is time to spill the beans on what is upcoming in the 2013 series of Big Brother Australia.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would have seen the first promo by now that claims there will be a twist that is bigger than anything else done in the history of Big Brother. The promo follows a similar format to last year’s Shuffle promo: a bunch of people dancing randomly to a song. A Behind Big Brother insider leaked to us that a 2nd promo is due to air soon. Possibly this Sunday, July 7th, during House Husbands.

Little Sister has again graced us with house demolition pictures which show the house will be getting more than a new lick of paint this year. One area of the house which we have not seen stripped down is the kitchen and store room, so what Big Brother has planned here is a mystery.

Behind Big Brother can also exclusively reveal an aerial shot of the Big Brother compound from June mid-way through house renovations. Whilst there appears to be no major changes to the outside pool and yard, the former captain’s quarters is getting a renovation and the sloping kitchen roof is no more. Speculation on our discussion forums of a blue-green teal flooring in the old FNL arena has raised the question – is FNL coming back?


Our resident insider insinuates that a new weekly “Game Show” will be one of the ingredients to Big Brother this year. The format of this “Game Show” ought to sit well with fans of axed Friday Night Live. No other details on the new “FNL 2.0” are known except when it will – or rather won’t – air, which oddly enough is Friday night due to Channel 9’s Friday Night Football obligations.

And still on the matter of scheduling, there is a cloud of doubt of when the weekly live evictions will take place. Traditionally held on Sunday, Australia’s Got Talent is expected to take that spot. With Nine’s refusal to move 60 Minutes for Big Brother last year, don’t expect them to have a change of heart this year. So where does that leave the weekly Eviction? Join in the discussion on our forums here

Other changes afoot this year are with the Big Brother set. YES, the eviction plank returns! Confirmed by @AlexMavroidakis on twitter, a brand new set complete with the beloved eviction plank will grace our screens this series. Confirmed by Dreamworld’s ticketing website, the plank will again run up the middle of the amphitheater amongst the crowd.

BBAU Seating 2013

Big Brother returns July 28th and tickets are now on sale for the launch show – but only for Dreamworld Pass holders. Everybody else will need to wait until July 8 to buy tickets. Unlike last year, Signs are allowed – but only for silver seating ticker holders. Just like most other series, the launch will premiere on TV the day after – which this year will be July 29th.

As we get closer to Launch, no doubt more information and spoilers will surface. Until then.

Update 7 July: The 2nd promo did not air as expected during House Husbands. We can only guess that Nine held back the promo until a later date. As mentioned above, public sales for tickets to the launch go on sale tomorrow.

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