Rigged nominations tally

Should Sam have been nominated too?

Producers are again being accused of favouritism of Sam by failing put him up for eviction, even though he seems to have received enough nomination points.

After last night’s nominations, the points were:

  • Benjamin – 10 points, nominated
  • Estelle – 8 points, nominated (tied)
  • Stacey – 8 points, nominated (tied)
  • Sam – 6 points

Estelle and Stacey were treated as separate second and third even though they tied in nomination points. This is inconsistent with the rules used from Week 8 where two tied nominees were treated as equal. That week the nominations points were:

  • Bradley – 14 points, nominated
  • Sam – 11 points, nominated
  • Angie – 6 points, nominated (tied)
  • Michael – 6 points, nominated (tied)

If two tied nominees were considered ‘one’ in Week 8 then why not this week? Big Brother has yet to clarify these rules.

Producers were first called out for favouritism of Sam after cancelling the eviction after Josh left the house. That week Sam was clear favourite to be evicted amongst betting odds but his departure would have left a huge gender divide.

In the week before that, Sam only received slightly more save votes than Angie. Now that she’s gone its fair to say Sam would have naturally been the next to go.

Are producers rigging the nomination placings to keep eye-candy Sam in the house, and potentially win the prize money? Leave a comment below or join us in our unofficial forums.

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