No double evictions till final days

Keeping the house filled till the very end

The revolving door of housemates has now jammed as Big Brother moves into its final four weeks of the season. Executive Producer Alex Mavroidakis let slip on Twitter this week that no multiple evictions will occur until the final few days:

No gimmicks, but it does mean that the Big Brother house will stay relatively full right until the final hours. Provided there are no mid-week evictions, housemate numbers will decline as so:

Sunday 7th October: 10 to 9 housemates
Sunday 14th October: 9 to 8
Sunday 21st October: 8 to 7
Sunday 28th October: 7 to 6

This potentially leaves six housemates during finale night on Sunday 4th November. This would require an eviction every 10 minutes during Big Brother’s 60 minute timeslot.

That’s way too tight – so it’s more likely we will see additional evictions around Wednesday 31st October. Evictions aren’t likely to be held on Thursdays or Fridays as ratings normally drop off towards the end of the week.

The last season of Big Brother UK managed to kick five housemates out during their 60 minute finale night.

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