Originals versus intruders

Too close to call: either Sam or Angie will go

It may just be the tightest eviction this season: fans on both camps are gunning for either Sam or Angie to be evicted, and the betting odds are reflecting it.

At the time of writing Centrebet only has 20 cents between Angie, who has been dropping in popularity yet scored high save votes last week – and Sam, who has the disadvantage of being an intruder and targeted first for eviction. Here’s the odds:

  • Angie 2.30
  • Sam 2.50
  • Bradley 3.50
  • Michael 6.50

Meanwhile the winners odds are staying consistent. Despite his nomination Michael is still favourite to win the series. Meanwhile Josh, who up until last week was coming second, has plummeted to fifth after his short-lived romance with universally panned Ava.

Stacey is now a solid bet to come in second, followed by Benjamin in third. Here’s the full odds:

  • Michael 4.00
  • Stacey 4.50
  • Benjamin 6.00
  • Layla 6.50
  • Josh 6.50
  • Zoe 7.50
  • Sam 11.00
  • Bradley 13.00
  • Estelle 15.00
  • Angie 34.00

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