Day 41

Footage from the Sunday eviction show.

Michael has come to the diary room to talk about the housemates. He says Ava is a glass of warm water in a cocktail lounge. “I hear its great to break down the fats but afterwards you’ll be looking for a Mi-Ti. He says Sam is Ryan with more personality.

Ben has come up with a new term – “meepers”, these are people who talk for no reason and just say empty statements that add no value. He tells Stacey that he’s realised that almost everyone in the house is a meeper.

Layla and Michael are called into the diary room and inside they find a whole lot of takeaway fast food. They are ecstatic and dance around the room. The housemates all have a takeaway food party and Michael stuffs himself – he has to take off his shirt when he gets too full.

And that’s all we see for this day.

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