Day 40

Footage from the Sunday eviction show.

Angie spent the night sleeping in the lounge because of her fight with Layla.

Layla gets up early and comes to the diary room to explain that last night she saw a side of Angie she never had before. Layla has decided she will apologise but if Angie doesn’t accept it she still has friends in the house she can rely on.

This happens in the late morning. Angie says she’s disappointed in herself letting it get to that point. Layla feels like sometimes Angie speaks ‘at’ her and speaks for her and she lost control of answering for herself. They hug and feel better about it, agreeing they will take one bit at a time.

Later Josh, Layla and Bradley are called to the diary room where they find costumes and supplies. Big Brother asks Bradley if he wants a makeover. As the house’s beautician, Layla will look after Bradley’s exterior. As the house’s Mr Charming, Josh will look after Bradley’s interior.

While the makeover happens the other housemates are locked outside and try to find ways to spend the time. Stacey fashions some shoes out of the garden’s pink flamingoes.

Meanwhile Bradley is having a cucumber facial, tanning all sorts of “Layla-surgery”. He is later revealed to the housemates eating a brand new wardrobe, hairstyle and complexion. He then gives some examples of how he would tackle various situations with girls in the real world. He demonstrates a pickup line with Estelle with a joke about liking Estelle’s hot friend.

There’s another makeover reveal with a new Bradley outfit. This time he demonstrates asking a girl out over the phone – Angie – he invites her to the movies.

Look number three is Bradley in a tuxedo suit. He demonstrates a dance and picking up a girl at a nightclub. He noticed Ava tearing it up on the dance floor and asks if she wants to “go outside and climb up some trees”. Ava replies “yeah why not” and the housemates cheer.

Bradley comes to the diary room and explains that normally he doesn’t care about how he looks, but has come into the house and seen the other fashionable guys it got him thinking.

Without warning, Michael comes running into the backyard stark naked and jumps over Ava and Josh who are canoodling on the lawn.

Sam and Layla are getting flirty in the bedroom while Angie watches on.

Later on Bradley can’t switch off the reading light above his bed, and he gets cranky. All the housemates laugh at him. Eventually he has to cover it with a blanket before it finally switches off. Bradley claps.

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