Day 39

9.42am – Sam is doing pull-ups shirtless on some of the bars outside the kitchen while Zoe and Layla watch in amazement. He then moves on to pushups on the ground. Layla asks Bradley if he could leave the room so he can have a private chat with Zoe. She then tells Zoe she could watch Sam all day because “he’s my type – he’s the type of guy I’d go for. It freaks me out because I don’t want to like him, I don’t want to fancy him”. Zoe comments that she told Angie Sam is ‘open season’ so anyone can have a crack, you can’t specifically shotgun some one.

Josh and Angie are having breakfast in the Captains Quarters and Angie is ecstatic about her food. She suggests they hide in the room and never return to the main house.

The Angie discussion session has grown back in the house – Zoe explaining that Angie tends to single off people for bitching. Ben adds that Angie will throw in extreme statements about people then at the end of the conversation say “WE said this”, when it’s not really the case.

Some of the boys are discussing “who will Sam hook up with first”. They don’t think anything will happen too soon. Bradley reckons a week before he hooks up with some one, otherwise it won’t happen.

Some radio personalities announce that the housemates have failed their radio task.

Stacey has been voted via Facebook as most worthy to win a prize, so she’s called to the diary room to watch the movie The Notebook (one of her favourites), along with wine and popcorn. There’s a catch though – you must kick back, relax and enjoy the movie.

10.54pm – The housemates are playing truth or dare. George dares Layla to kiss Sam, much to the dislike of Angie who says “that’s a bad idea”. They kiss either way. Another dare sees Sam kiss Zoe, then later Estelle. Shortly after George is asked a truth by Angie “did it not hurt in your heart to see Layla kiss Sam”. George says no and Layla explained that they both agreed their relationship wasn’t serious. Estelle then dares Angie to kiss George which she declines. It erupts into a weird argument where the housemates question why Angie refuses to kiss George. Sam declares that Layla is the best kisser.

Stacey rejoins the housemates after her movie and Layla gives her all the goss in the toilet of what happened.

Suddenly there is footage of Sam and Angie alone in the kitchen kissing for a long time. He asked “what happened to your morals?”. She doesn’t reply.

12.03am – Angie confronts Layla in the bathroom while they are brushing their teeth about why they are so weird with each other right now. Things start to get heated, and even worse when Estelle steps in and Angie doesn’t want her there as an adjudicator. The argument moves into the living room where they raise their voices at each other about nothing in particular. Layla gets upset and moves to the bedroom and Angie says to herself “I’m sorry, did I say something wrong here?”

12.42am – Angie is swimming outside and Layla comes out to talk again, then notices that Angie has a huge hickey on her neck. She asks Angie what it is but Angie insists that it’s a burn mark. Angie gets very defensive and starts yelling and gesturing at Layla. When some of the other girls tell her to calm down she yells some more and Big Brother immediately calls Angie to the diary room.

Inside she demands that Big Brother let her out of the house. “Call me stupid but I thought some of these people were my family but I also know by continuing on this path it plays out worse case scenario that I will need to fight tooth and nail for my dignity and morals.” Big Brother says he has a 24/7 duty of care to all housemates and wouldn’t abandon a housemate in distress. He tells her to come back to the diary room if she needs anything whatsoever.

Angie returns to the house and enters the bathroom just to hear Layla saying

“…and I saw teeth marks so I asked her…”

Angie jumps in while walking past “yeah I know what you asked me you don’t have to tell everyone about it.

Angie ends up sleeping on the floor in the living room away from the other housemates.

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