Day 29

8.21am – The housemates wake to find the backyard has been done up like a jungle. A new Big Brother voice – “The Narrator”, who sounds like David Attenborough, addresses the housemates. “You are all about to become animals starring in the Big Brother wildlife documentary. This week we will observe you as you struggle to survive within the confines of the Big Brother house”. HMs must keep up with The Narrator during the task to pass. They are then given costumes:

Michael is the lion
Zoe and Layla are lionesses
Ben and Stacey are flamingoes
Ben is a cheetah (he doesn’t look impressed)
Estelle is an elephant
Josh and George are buffaloes
Angie is a baboon
Ray is a hyena, and is then asked to howl at the heavens by The Narrator.

9.03am – The task begins. The lions must take their place on ‘Pride Rock’. All of the other housemates gather at the base of the rock and bow graciously to the lion in a show of respect. Michael addresses each of the animals with a joke. “Delighted with the attention, the lion roars to his subjects”. The Narrator isn’t impressed and instructs Michael to roar several times over. The other animals then make their own calls one by one.

Later in the kitchen Josh reveals some food he has stored in his cupboard. Bradley is surprised that Josh still has food left and Josh sarcastically replies “yes, because I can control my eating habits, some people in this house can’t”. He then complains that the house has already gone through a whole box of Wheetbix since Friday (3 days ago). Bradley says he had two bricks for breakfast and there are some people who have five. He then discovers there are two packets of Tim Tams left, but no chocolate or lollies.

10.24am – Back to the task – the lionesses are instructed to hunt for food for their king lion. Turns out there is food in the BBQ area dumbwaiter and the lionesses have to cook it for Michael. They also have to complain about the life of being a servant. They make up some conversation about Michael not paying attention to them and how they’d rather “hook up with a water buffalo”. The next scene in the documentary sees Ray the hyena steal Michael’s meal and eat it.

Later on Ben is commenting that BB always gives the food to Ray in tasks. Stacey does an impression of Ray: “oh yeh I love my food … protein and P is for protein”. Zoe has noticed that Ray never interacts with people one-on-one, only in groups. Stacey says he’s so annoying and she can’t stand being around him. They all think he’s “playing the game”.

Later on Ben is playing around with the floating crocodile in the pool, being wrestled by it while the other housemates watch on and laugh.

In the Captains Quarters intruder Ava addresses Big Brother by saying her game plan is to not have one – she has limited how much of the show she’s watched and what she knows about each housemate. She thinks she’ll get along well with Stacey and Angie. She will see how things go with Josh, she doesn’t expect fireworks.

12.58pm – A baboon sound is playing, which means Angie must get into character. She’s instructed to grab bananas and sit on a branch in the tree. There she must mash bananas all over her face because “the Big Brother baboon loves bananas”. Bananas must then be mashed all over her body and hair. Finally, she must stay in the tree with banana all over her for several hours.

The Narrator: What a strange creature.

Later Stacey is giving Bradley a makeover (dressing him in drag), including applying some heavy makeup and one of her dresses (which fits perfectly). Stacey then introduces the rest of the house to the new Bradley. He walks around saying “hi boys”. Ben is shocked. “Stacey has taken me from beast to beauty”. Stacey says “he’s my project”. Later still Stacey is now turning George into Georgina – his dreads are in pigtails and he says “I look like a cross dresser hey!”. Stacey replies the obvious “you sure do”.

Josh comes to the diary room and tells Big Brother

4.01pm – The water buffalo are having a locked horn fight where they stare each other down. They are then instructed to wallow in mud, before Estelle the elephant must join them.

8.26pm – Nominations have just finished. Angie, Estelle and Ray are nominated. Ray comes to the diary room and is asked if he thinks he was nominated for tactical reasons by the other housemates. Ray has heard a few people in the house say they think he’s a thread and he thinks his occupation, a vet, gives him an upper hand with the public. Angie and Estelle are comforting each other about their nomination. It’s the first time Angie has been nominated and she’s feeling it. Estelle seems to be coming on quite strong though and Angie gets a bit agitated.

Intruder Ava is in the Captains Quarters enjoying a spa and a glass of sparkling wine.

Later in the bedroom, Josh tells Angie she has nothing to worry about, but Angie isn’t so sure. Estelle is in the diary room telling Big Brother that she’s starting to realise her personality is quite different to the pack in the house “I’m a bit of an outlier, and so are the other nominees”. She comments that it seems to be a trend that the slightly different people get nominated and voted out of the house.

Angie tells Big Brother the thought of going home sends a shiver up her spine.

While the housemates are having dinner Josh is called to the diary room where he is told BB has a job offer for him. “As a man who’s been on 100 dates, you’re the perfect man for the job”. Josh is then shown footage of Ava in the Captains Quarters spa. BB says “you are looking at the newest Big Brother housemate”. Josh laughs at screen and BB tries to illicit some responses, but Josh can only say “this is so you, you would do that”.

Big Brother tells Josh that Ava is to be his 101st date for lunch tomorrow, where he has to fill her in on the other housemates and the goings on of the house. At the end of the date Josh must formally invite her to join the rest of the house. He’s not allowed to tell the other housemates about this. BB asks Josh if he predicts this will be a “great date”. Josh isn’t sure, he looks like Ava will be a “tough nut to crack, it looks like she might have a bit of attitude”.

Josh returns to dinner and tells the others it was a routine mic check.

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